The List #10-1

Holy crap! Another tedious list of 100 records I like has come to an end.

A Tribe Called Quest 1993
Midnight Marauders
I start to flinch when he stawts to say it, but his lips are like the OooWop as he stawts to spray it.
Beatles 1969
Abbey Road
George wins this one.
Miles Davis 1959
Kind Of Blue
Kind of frikkin awesome!
Led Zeppelin 1969
Golumn and the evil one agree: this album kicks ass.
Talking Heads 1980
Remain In Light
The heat goes on where the hand has been.
Sea And Cake 1994
Perfectly balanced; a lush palette and a smooth sliky mouthfeel. Doesn't seem to diminish with age.
The Pretenders 1980
The Pretenders
You couldn't make a better pop/punk hybrid record if you tried. No, not even Green Day could do it.
Pavement 1992
Slanted and Enchanted
Every time I put this on, I find I'm shocked by how good it remains.
Pavement 1994
Crooked Rain Crooked Rain
How does a guy singing nonsense, who can't really sing anyway, manage to choke me up ?
Spoon 2001
Girls Can Tell
Someday it will take and they'll start to make shirts that fit right. Until then, Spoon has the best song about old used shirts you're likely to hear.

And the final histogram for all 100 records looks like this:

(release dates of records, grouped into five-year spans)

Once again, the years from 1986-1995 are the strong winner - so predictable. But that peak in the early 70's makes me feel a little better - at least I'm not completely stuck in my college years - the stuff my parents liked when they were in their 20s is pretty well ingrained in me.

For comparison, here's the histogram from the 2006 List:

And that's that. Tune in again in 2010, when we'll see if Spoon can hang on to the top spot!

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  1. cleek

    hope you like them!

    (“cleek”, and any subsidiaries thereof – henceforth “WE” – , cannot be held responsible in part or in whole for any damage, distress, or displeasure caused by the recordings listed here; nor can WE be help responsible for any financial decisions made by anyone based in part or in whole by the comments WE make. use at your own risk. void where prohibited by statute. eat your vegetables. don’t fear the reaper.)

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