NTT #26 - Results!


And so, congratulations to:

C Nelson Reilly !

Well done!

This was a tough one. That theme really limited what I could use. Originally, I was going to do 26 letters but with 'connections' between adjacent pairs (as with #18), but there just weren't enough connections to get me all the way through the alphabet.

8 thoughts on “NTT #26 - Results!

  1. Ugh

    at least I was the only one to get Fiona!

    Interesting that no one knew the U2 one. Although, there were only 5 entrants.

    1. cleek Post author

      i guess that U2 clip doesn’t sound much like U2? i thought the theme would totally give that one away – it’s not like there are a ton of “U” bands to choose from.

      Although, there were only 5 entrants


      lame. who doesn’t want the chance to see their name in big red letters?!

  2. C Nelson Reilly

    I’ll second dbati on the thanks for the contest. When I woke up this morning I found out that a) wife had won $1,000 last night at the casino and b) I had triumphed in Name That Tune #26. Coincidence – I think not!

  3. Jewish Steel

    “Jewish Steel, how are you coping with this devastating loss.?”

    Well, you know, we’ve got a good program, a good set of ears, world class record collection. We’re going to take some time in the off season, watch some film, spend some time in the weight room. We plan to come back strong next year and compete for the title. Hi mom!

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