Name That Tune, #26

There are twenty-six song clips below, from twenty-six different songs. Name the song and the artist.


  1. You get 1 point if you name the song.
  2. You get 1 point if you name the artist.
  3. Leave your answers in comments.
  4. If you've never commented here before, you'll be in moderation until I free you. Don't worry, I'll get to it.
  5. Your answers will be hidden from everyone but me.
  6. The contest ends on Tuesday, Jan 13th, 12:00PM my time - east coast US. I'll reveal the comments, and the answers, and total up the points, then.
  7. Hints for any song which hasn't been identified yet will be provided, Monday, Jan 12th.
  8. I'll start posting point totals on Thursday.


Clip Hints Clip Hints
Song #1 Worked with Zappa and it shows Song #14 --
Song #2 -- Song #15 --
Song #3 New wave vehicles Song #16 --
Song #4 -- Song #17 That's not Josh singing
Song #5 -- Song #18 When prog rock turned new wave
Song #6 -- Song #19 --
Song #7 Painless punk Song #20 --
Song #8 -- Song #21 There aren't many 'U' bands, right?
Song #9 Band = album = song Song #22 --
Song #10 -- Song #23
Song #11 Hard rock kabuki clowns Song #24 From Japan
Song #12 -- Song #25 --
Song #13 BOCES Song #26 --

First hint: Well, it's #26. The obvious theme is half of the actual one.
Second hint: ...which is to say: the theme applies to the artist and to the song title.
Third hint: It's A,B,Cs, in order. Song and artist. The song and the artist will start with the same letter (with some flexibility wrt first / last names)

28 thoughts on “Name That Tune, #26

  1. Ugh

    #6 is Fiona Apple.

    That’s all I got. The rest are either (i) songs I’ve never heard, or (ii) songs I’ve heard and have a vague recollection that I hate them. #16 sounds interesting.

  2. dbati

    Good Lord, Cleek, this is hard! I’m reasonably sure I’ve got 13 artists and can only name a handful of those actual songs…I’m going to spend some time with some headphones later at home and try to hone this is.

    thanks for taking the time to put this together…

    1. cleek Post author

      that thing is totally awesome. he has to wear a glove to play it?
      i’m tempted to make one that’s even bigger, just for bragging rights.

      some of these are tough, yep. i expect there are a couple that nobody will get. but the second hint should help a bit.

      1. Jewish Steel

        I’m assuming the tension is so great it would just tear your fingers to shreds.

        “Oh, you can play your instrument without a glove? Pfft. Sissy.”

        -a contrabass balalaikaist.

        1. cleek Post author

          oh yeah? well mine will use a complex system of keys, levers and pulleys instead of frets. and you’ll strum it with a reciprocating saw. and it will blow fire out the headstock if you played exceptionally well.

  3. Nigel

    2 Baby Lemonade; Syd Barrett
    4 Desolation Row; Dylan
    5 Everyday I write the book; Elvis Costello
    22 Venus in Furs; Lou Reed

    That’s all I got…

  4. Jewish Steel

    Awright! Here’s my guesses:

    2. Syd Barrett, Baby Lemonade

    4. Bob Dylan, Desolation Row

    5 Elvis Costello, Every Day I Write The Book

    7. Gah! I know this. Can’t pull it.

    8 Definitely Heart. Barracuda?

    10 Johnny Cash and June Carter. ???

    12 The Pretty Things (not confident about this one)

    14. It’s Nirvana, but which? Ah, Negative Creep.

    16. Paul Simon

    19 The Shins

    20 Talking Heads?

    23 The Who, Who Are You. An aging rocker’s lament, I think I’m 10 years older than they were at the time :(

    26 Frank Zappa?

    Great quiz! That was fun. I can’t wait to hear what those other tracks were.

  5. dbati

    Here’s the best I can do, with limited time (and maximum frustration):

    4. Bob Dylan
    5. Elvis Costello
    8. Heart…Barracuda
    10. Johnny Cash
    12. Led Zeppelin
    15. Ozzy Osborne
    16. Pavement
    19. Shins
    20. Talking Heads–Take Me to the River
    23. Who
    25. Yo La Tengo
    26. Frank Zappa

    1. dbati

      by the way, cleek, thanks for doing this again. It’s really fun, though really frustrating for me.


  6. cleek Post author

    Jewish Steel : 16
    dbati : 13
    Nigel : 7
    Ugh : 1

    There’s still some low hanging fruit, IMO.

    Think about the theme.

  7. Jewish Steel

    Per your hints:

    3 must be The Cars

    11 Kiss! King Of The Night Time World?

    21. I’m going to guess Ultravox

  8. C Nelson Reilly

    I’ve always meant to try one of your contests Cleek. Beware: some wild ass guesses below

    1. Adrian Belew
    2. Syd Barrett – Baby Lemonade
    3. The Cars – Candy O
    4. Dylan – Damn I Wrote a Bunch of Songs Beginning With “D”
    5. Echo and the Bunnymen
    6. Foster the People
    7. Green Day – Give Me Novocaine
    8. Heart – Heartless
    9. Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden
    10. Johnny Cash, June Carter – Jackson
    11. KISS
    12. Led Zeppelin – Lemon Song
    13. Mars Volta
    14. NOFX
    15. Ozzy – Over the Mountain
    16. John Prine – Petraeus Betrayed Us
    17. Queens of the Stone Age – Quick and to the Pointless
    18. Rush
    19. Smiths
    20. Talking Heads
    21. UB40
    22. Violent Femmes
    23. The Who – Who Are You
    24. X-Ray Xylophone
    25. Yardbirds
    26. Zappa – Zomby Woof

  9. cleek Post author

    C Nelson Reilly : 27
    Jewish Steel : 19
    dbati : 13
    Nigel : 7
    Ugh : 1

    so far, #13, 21, 24 remain unclaimed.

    one of those i didn’t think anyone would get, blame the theme. another one i thought would be tough but not impossible. the other i thought would be pretty easy.

  10. dbati

    I don’t think this will propel me over the top, but I want to add to my tally:

    #17 Quens of the Stone Age

    Oh, and I’m terrible with song titles.

  11. dbati

    the song for X Japan has to be “X” right?
    the Who is “Who are You”
    Rush-Red Batrchetta
    Shins-Saint Simon

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