Oh, Fer Fuck's Sake

Since our house is surrounded by tall trees, we decided to get gutter guards, to keep us from having to clean the gutters multiple times every fall. They went on in March.

Last month, I noticed that rain was overshooting the gutters every place water came down a valley in the roof, even in the lightest rain. In two places, the water has run down into flower beds and has dug out two huge holes. In another place, it falls off a second story roof line onto a window. In another, it falls through the screen of our back porch. Since the point of gutters is to get water away from the foundation, this is bad. It will not do.

Two calls to the people who installed them, and I got a manager to come out, stand on the ground and tell me it was because of the heavy rain. I assured him it wasn't. It happens with any amount of rain. Then he said it looked like there was some 'debris' on the gutter at one spot. He suggested I clean it out. I suggested he clean it out since I don't have a 30' ladder and isn't that the entire fucking point of gutter guards? He said he'd talk to his installer.

A week later, I called him to see if he'd made any progress. He said he'd given my phone # to the installer and he should be calling me to set up an appointment.

A week later, I called to ask WFT? He said he'd talk to his installer again.

A week later, installer calls me, sets up a time to come out and look.

So today the installer comes out and looks. Says the gutter guards are clogged. Duh. He doesn't fix them because he has to ask his manager about something. So his manager is going to come out, sometime, and look for himself. When? Who knows. And then what happens? Who knows.

Hey, no rush, buddy! It's not like there's a fucking tropical storm due tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Oh, Fer Fuck's Sake

  1. Rob Caldecott

    Gutter guards? How do they work?

    I hope that storm doesn’t affect my flight to Chicago on Saturday.

    1. cleek

      they’re a barrier which keeps leaves and tree junk from collecting in rain gutters. ours are a wide metal mesh overlayed with a fine mesh. some are slotted sheet metal or foam, or plastic louvers, etc.. they fit over top of the gutter and should allow water in, but keep junk out.

      i’m tempted to start thinking of them as a scam.

      ooh, Chicago. i always love going there.

      1. Rob Caldecott

        Yeh, excited. Never been to Chicago. Sadly the office is 40 miles or so out of the city (Hoffman Estates) and the public transport situation in that area looks a little patchy. Not sure I fancy paying $100 for a cab to the Sears Tower. We’ll see. The hotel is decent by all accounts though (Chicago Marriott Northwest). I’m flying in Saturday PM and coming home Wednesday evening so a quick trip. Might not be the last though…

        1. cleek

          downtown is a good time (esp. if you have someone with you who can show you around) – lots of good places to eat and drink.

          whenever i go there, always seem to wake up with a raging headache, for some reason… :)

        2. Jewish Steel

          Hoffman Estates!

          One time home of yours truly.

          You can catch the Northwest commuter line out of Palatine which is nearby. Takes you right to the Loop.

  2. Ugh

    Probably a scam. Or at least, gutters still need to be cleaned out, but perhaps not as often.

    1. cleek

      the only thing stopping me from going full ‘SCAM!’ is the fact that the company we used to do this is a very large, well-known, well-respected, national chain – one whose primary business is only tangentially related to gutters, though.

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