Pie Filter for Little Green Footballs

By request, here’s a pie filter for Little Green Footballs.

To use this, you’ll need Greasemonkey : for FireFox, for Internet Explorer - not sure if other browsers have GM support or not.

You’ll have to do some minor editing on the script itself – to add your list of targets, and optionally, to change the comment-abusing style. Again, all the stuff you need to monkey (get it?) with is clearly commented. The things you need to edit are right there at the top. It’s basically just a matter of changing the default ‘baddies’ names to the names of the people you want. You can have as many names as you want. If you need more help, feel free to ask.

To install on FireFox (not sure how to do it on other browsers, RTFM I guess): assuming you’ve installed GreaseMonkey, and installed this script (just click the download link, below), go to the Tools menu, choose GreaseMonkey / Manage User Scripts, select the script and click Edit (not sure how to do this with GM and IE). Then add your targets to the baddies array.

Download and install, if you wish.

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