Throbbing Underground Monsters

Pretty frikkin strange.

If the caption is correct, this is in the sewer lines near a big shopping plaza in downtown Raleigh. Eew.

But sadly, they’re neither alien nor unknown; they’re Tubifex worms.

2 thoughts on “Throbbing Underground Monsters

  1. joel hanes

    tropical fish love ’em (after they’ve been rinsed twice a day for several days). it’s hilarious to watch a young swordtail barely half an inch long consume a Tubifex three or four times his lenght, a bit at a time.

    lots of serious aquarists keep a ziplog bag in the fridge with a walnut-sized knot of tubifex. the smell is unforgettable.

  2. russell

    tubifex worms love sewage. they, slime molds, and roaches are just waiting for the day when we foobar everything up enough to make our own survival impossible.

    one man’s trash is another man’s delicious caviar blini.

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