Nikon D100, 105mm macro

This is my all-time favorite fighter. Gotta love that twin fuselage.

3 thoughts on “Lightning

  1. Fixer

    An outstanding aircraft. Made the Japanese thinnk twice when they showed up in theater. They made a night fighter/recon version of it too the P-61 I think. All black with an extended nose.

  2. Gordon

    Goddammit! When I saw the pic, I was gonna post “an outstanding aircraft” but fuckin’ Fixer beat me to it! Once they solved a compressibility problem, those things rocked!

    I like round motors, air-cooled, easy to work on, and will run with half the cylinders shot away, don’tcha know, so my favorites are all naval aircraft except for the P-47, R4D, and the DeHavilland Beaver.

    Keep ’em coming, cleek.

  3. cleek

    > Keep ’em coming, cleek.

    i figured i’d do a week’s worth of them, seeing as it’s the Pearl Harbor anniversary (and i have just about enough of them to fill up a week).

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