Lousy Fucking Stupid Piece of Goat Shit iTunes

I keep all my music on a network drive; that way, all the computers in the house can see it. I am smart. I know what I want. All the computers have the network drive mapped as their Y: drive, so, all the iTunes installations have their “Music Folder” location set to Y:iTunes. And, iTunes keeps, in its library file (one on each computer) a full path for each song in the library: ex.

    Y:iTunesSugarCopper Blue2 A Good Idea.mp3

Simple enough so far.

But, when I start my laptop, which connects to the network with WiFi, it sometimes takes a little time to make a network connection. And if iTunes starts (or is already running, like when the laptop wakes from Stand-By) and can’t find the songs, it automatically changes the music folder location to the local “My Music” folder (a folder Windows creates but which I never use) on the local drive. Of course the song files aren’t there, but iTunes goes ahead and changes its library files so that all the paths for all the files to point to the My Music folder – even though the files aren’t there! iTunes thinks I'm dumb. It decides for me. So, then all the files paths in the iTunes library file end up looking like:

    C:UsersCleekMusiciTunesiTunes MusicSugarCopper Blue2 A Good Idea.mp3

Again, it does this without asking me, and it does this even though that file doesn’t exist – it doesn’t even check to see if the files exist. iTunes is actually dumb. I know what it's doing and I know it's wrong. It just silently (and instantly) changes the paths in the library files; and then when I try to play a song, it complains that it can’t find the file.

The fix is to wait for the network to connect, then change the iTunes music folder back to what it should be. But that causes iTunes to scan the entire library (10000+ songs) and match the songs in the library file to the actual song files – a process which locks me out of iTunes for close to an hour (depending how slow the WiFi is feeling that day).

This path change even happens on my desktop machines, which are hard-wired to the network, from time to time, if the network is particularly busy; and it happens every time i do an iTunes upgrade. Apple is fucking with me.

I’ve written to Apple multiple times, asking them to add a switch to prevent iTunes from making this change, no matter what – just leave the mutherfuckingdouchebagasshairshitshitpurpledicked library files alone!

No luck so far…

I know a better way. Apple prefers to cause me heartache.

Oh, and speaking of crappy software design… why does HP Digital Imaging Monitor need to create thirty seven thousand (literally) temp files in my temp folder ? There’s an HP software office on the floor below me, in the building where I work. Maybe I’ll stop in and ask them tomorrow. Now if only Microsoft had an office there, I could stop in and ask them why Vista spends 5 minutes thinking about deleting those files, before it actually starts deleting anything.

OK, the solution to the iTunes catalog file rewrite is to keep all the iTunes library files on the network drive, too. That way if iTunes can’t find the network, it can’t wreck the library files either.

131 thoughts on “Lousy Fucking Stupid Piece of Goat Shit iTunes

  1. Rob Caldecott

    >iTunes keeps, in its library file (one on each computer)

    That’s your problem – you need to store the iTunes library files on drive Y: as well. I have a similar setup and if I fire up iTunes when the drive isn’t connected it cannot load the library files and presents me with a dialog allowing me to create a new library or select an existing one.

  2. cleek Post author

    how do you tell iTunes where to find the lib files ? or, do you just move the .itl and .xml files to the network manually ? i thought that just makes iTunes create new, empty, library files.

  3. Rob Caldecott

    Try moving the entire ‘iTunes Library’ folder (probably in C:…My Music) to the network drive. Then, hold down the SHIFT key while starting iTunes – it will pop up the box I mentioned asking if you want to create a new library or locate a library by hand. Take the latter option then browse to where you copied your .itl file and voila! iTunes will now use the folder for the library the next time it starts. It probably stores this folder location in the registry.

  4. Rob Caldecott

    I think the library location is stored in a file called iTunesPrefs.xml located in C:Documents and Settings\Application DataAppleiTunes. However, the location string is encoded (base64?) which seems totally unnecessary!

  5. dbati

    that’s annoying. I have the same issue with my mac. My networked drive sometimes gets “lost” and I lose all my songs. When the drive reconnects, my iTunes can’t find the songs (I get the ! next to the songs). Unfortunately, after all is reconnected, they don’t automatically get found again. I have to manually play each song (if I let it auto play, it goes from the song to the next found song on my local hd).

    I have about 8,000 songs, all of which need to be double clicked to get them to play. It takes me about an hour or so of clicking to get it to recognize all the songs again.


  6. bobby lightfoot


    Wait, that was just a beautiful, beautiful dream.

  7. cleek Post author

    Rob, tried your suggestion (sharing a single library file)… now i have this problem: if two PCs are using the library file at the same time, any changes to the library made by the first PC to close iTunes will be overwritten by the second PC to close iTunes.

    yay for iTunes!

  8. Lachlan

    Over a period of 6 months iTunes has deleted thousands of song files many of them lost for ever and waisted hundreds of hours of my time, and made the whole family grumpy for literally months…I really never want to see or hear about Itunes ever ever again.

    It the worst software I have every heard about or likely to hear about … is iTunes a virus sent to send us all mad ???

  9. jon

    Hi, from comment 19, maybe I should just sell these pieces of shit that I’ve just bought and forget about Ipods and itunes. Had nothing but misery since we as a family have been involved with them.
    If they’re so clever why doesn’t their software work on their hardware. I call it incompetence, I think most people do actually.

  10. Hugo

    Why the fuck does this fucking piece of shit software ITunes fuckshit take all of my songs out of their folders and put them in fucking random fucking order. They’re in fucking folders already for fuck sake, why the fuck not keep them there? Unfortunately I have to use this fucking shit software in order to put music on my IPhone and Ipod- fucking driving me crazy.
    How the fuck can they make such ace hardware and have such shit software which we are forced to fucking use?

  11. russell

    iTunes thinks I’m dumb. It decides for me.

    Usability run amok.

    Try moving the entire ‘iTunes Library’ folder (probably in C:…My Music) to the network drive. Then, hold down the SHIFT key while starting iTunes – it will pop up the box I mentioned asking if you want to create a new library or locate a library by hand. Take the latter option then browse to where you copied your .itl file and voila! iTunes will now use the folder for the library the next time it starts.

    Easy peasy! Why the f8ck didn’t you think of that!

    No no no! You need a separate library per-PC stored on your network drive!

    Oh yeah, that too.

    Maybe I’ll stop in and ask them tomorrow.

    Write yourself a script to mail them the contents of your temp file, one file at a time. Do it slow enough that it doesn’t register as a DOS attack.

    I’m sure they’ll be amused. You, however, might be.

  12. cleek Post author

    Write yourself a script to mail them the contents of your temp file, one file at a time. Do it slow enough that it doesn’t register as a DOS attack.

    i could print out the contents and leave them in their office mailbox.

  13. Psyper

    How about this for a solution I’m gonna try tomorrow?
    I have two computers that I use iTunes on – one upstairs on my own pc – the other is a media PC downstairs. I’m only going to play one instance of iTunes so I think I’ll try out the idea of having a single library so that when I create a playlist upstairs – shut down itunes and start it up downstairs I get the new playlist (would that work haven’t tried it yet).
    I also have backup software that runs everynight and makes a mirror image of all my websites – if I make that take an archivable image of the iTunes library files will that solve any problems if iTunes suddenly looses where the files are located? Can I close itunes down, recover the files and reopen iTunes??
    Might have a bit of fun with this tomorrow :-)

  14. Psyper

    Is the option “I would like iTunes to take over my music collection and arrange it however iTunes see fit” ticked? If it is then thats whats causing iTunes to move your files around. I love that option cos when I drag and drop mp3’s from my downloaded folder iTunes takes a copy of them and moves them into neat little artist/album/song folder and I delete the downloaded files once its imported them. I think its pretty cool – mates at work hate it!

  15. Luke

    Why the hell do you use iTunes? iTunes is a godless pile of fuck-up.

    foobar2000 is the answer to your problems. Give it a try.

  16. Watto

    Samo samo…family pissed off…I should be able to shift my mp3’s around whenever I want to…and itunes just goes nuts.
    All i want to do is copy songs onto the ipod and listen to them…I rate the songs in my head, not in some friggin’ program, so I don’t need all the bells and whistles crap in itunes.
    Never use this crap as a player…just a go-between from mp’s on hdd to ipod….just want to see what is actually on my ipod and either delte some or copy more over….pretty basic operation I would have thought.
    drag and drop??

  17. DCR

    iTunes is the cheesedickiest crap I ever had the misfortune to have on my Comp, and it’s the main reason why I’ll never want anything Apple, be it hard- or software, ever again. Apart from that tiny shufflepod, which was a gift. But I have changed the earplugs — I’d be embarrassed to be seen with white earplugs.
    Btw, I’m using winamp and its iPod plug-in now. I can drag & drop files from the explorer straight to the pod. No fuzz. Bliss.

  18. fishietc

    iTunes. I wanted to register. I wanted to download album/song information. I wanted to use the iStore.

    It took almost two years for iTunes to settle down and decide on it’s own that it would work on my computer and let me use the internet whilst the iPod was plugged in for charging. Just a week ago it decided I could use th internet at the same time. No warning, nothing.

    TWO YEARS! Two years of patiently, angrily, f’ing annoyingly waiting for the PoS to charge and add songs in the most difficult of fashions, as it used so much of the resources you were lucky to add one song, let alone even try to play a song or register your iShit via the internet. Even opening the program required a decade.

    Could not update iTunes, could not find album/song information. It told me it could not connect with the internet.. I wonder why? the iShitTunes was iBlocking the pipelines. & the PoS had the nerve to allow me online while plugged on only days ago. WTF? Lucky it was a gift, or else I would be forcing the store to take it back.

    The iPod itself works ok, easy and fun to use. iTunes however, is a piece of constipated shit that I want off my PC and out of my life. What an embarassment to Apple!

    Is there another way?!?

  19. bilo

    I hate this bloated piece of fucking shit…god i hate it..it takes my workhorse of a PC to a screeching halt (so mac users can say, “seeeeee????”). It locks up trying to exit, it locks up when it’s done syncing. Try to add one fucking song “on the fly” so you can get out there while the sun is still high…no fucking way, it will not let you, not without syncing the other shit to, even if you tell it specifically not to..you uncheck the options and say manage music manually, still no go..and all the while it’s syncing the shit you told it not to, it hangs up during this sync every goddamn time..it’s either give in and claim your day and forget the sound file you wanted on there, or lose your day and possibly your monitor if you don’t have enough restraint left from bashing the fucker in when you see that bloated corpse which has taken over the screen.

    FUCK off itunes… they call it “jailbreak” for a reason…not just clever wordplay.

    seriously I want to take a hammer to this fucker but since it’s software, I’ll have to resort to more abstract means of dishing out my iRage.com motherfuckin shit god i hate this piece of crap. Just make a side by side video..show someone transfering one song on this shitfest, and show someone transfering on any NORMAL player with a drag and plop interface through a flash card.

    all this bullshit just so they can keep the ghetto involved in technology so we can’t be safe to take out our portable devices in public because we’ll be mugged for them… this is what happens when you merge technology with braindead corpses.. holy fuck i hate this thing right now.

    thank you for reading.

  20. bilo

    not to mention after every sync it cripples all of your apps — and the “work around” for this is to goto the itunes store and install another app… and if you have all nine pages — all whole nine pages of apps out of 16-32 gig filled up — stop right there..you’ll have to delete an app first! then purchase a new app .. how can they get away with leaving a bug like that? Ohh duhh..stupid ass me… what a dumb fuck i am not removing an app and putting a new shit app on that I didn’t even want just because I synced my player trying to put a goddamn sound file on it.. duhhh… what a degenerate piece of crap I am…


  21. Mark

    Why the fuck does my itunes seem to think that some songs can be put on my ipod and others cant??
    I downloaded a coldplay album, i download the new itunes in the vain hope that it may be better, i drop the album into said itunes, wallah, it adds the eighth song and nothing else… WTF. No matter how often i try to put the album in it wont work. Also why the fuck does itunes make copies of every fucking song? I sync my ipod and unplug it and i have random albums with 2 of every song??? Itunes is the worst piece of shit program ever. What is so difficult about simply dragging and dropping to a removable drive. Is it that fucking hard? Dont those stupid fucks realise know one is actually going to use the songs on their computer, thats why we bought a fucking portable ipod, to move around…and if i wanted to use a player on my computer the windows media player for vista is beautifull.. FUCK YOU APPLE

  22. Bob

    Thanks so much for sharing your grief. I do not feel so alone with idiot-tunes issues any more. Current library is >16.8k songs taking up a separate drive just for music. My itl file went from 25.2 MB to 3.97 MB while I was out of town and my desktop was off. Fortunately, I back up my back ups as I am not networking my beloved couveted music collection/library and now have two itl files. Any idea how I can “merge” them?
    xml file is happy as it is still all in one file…its just the itl that went/is goofy.
    Any idea on how idiot-tunes decided to augment itl without any commands from yours truly?

  23. NotaGeek

    What the fuck? Are you guys so frickin dorked out and goofy that you have to spend days trying to connect your ipod to a network? Talk about a Rube Goldberg! You could have saved DAYS of your presious time by merely dumping all your tunes on each computer, but I guess that’s not technical enough for you. Ipods are pieces of shit anyway, and anyone with 17K of music is full of shit – you can’t even listen to that much music!

  24. cleek Post author

    You could have saved DAYS of your presious time by merely dumping all your tunes on each computer, but I guess that’s not technical enough for you.

    i have ~200GB of music, and just 30GB HD space on my laptop.

    hope that math’s not too technical for you.

    anyone with 17K of music is full of shit – you can’t even listen to that much music!

    and yet somehow, i do.

  25. Rob Caldecott

    Current stats: 11,975 songs, 71.79 GB.

    I recently got a 16 GB iPhone and choosing what music to put on it wasn’t as hard as I was expecting. Perhaps it’s time for a clear out? I also inherited a 8 GB Nano (which I use for the gym) and filling this was a different story – I had to leave loads of good stuff off which broke my heart – I spent an evening putting a playlist together and the first time I used it in the gym I didn’t have a song I really want to listen to (that Vampire Weekend one). I don’t use my phone in the gym because it’s waaaay too new and shiny.

    So, I have my main music collection on my laptop (which I upgraded to a 300 GB disk), a backup on an external USB disk, a copy of everything on my 80 GB iPod (which I use in the car), my finest albums on my iPhone and a gym selection on my Nano. We also have my original 20 GB iPod atop an iPod Hi-Fi in our living room containing our joint favourite music. Did I forget anything? Oh yes, my daughter just got a 1 GB iPod shuffle for her birthday (she’s a bit young for it but I could hardly say that when she ripped the wrapping paper off could I?). She has a dozen songs on it (Barbie Girl, some Abba, some bloody Katy Perry, that ‘Let the Sunshine In’ song and, best of all, a King of Leon song she loves).

    I don’t care what anyone says about iPods – I’m a bloody fanboy … did you hear me? I’M A FANBOY! :)

  26. cleek Post author

    i love my iPod(s). my old 20G that was stolen then returned, my 30G that i bought in the interim, my wife’s Nano. all do their jobs perfectly.

    it iTunes that bugs me – and only sometimes. most of the time, i think it’s fine. but there are a ton of things around the edges that make me slap my head in dismay.

    like, why is there no way to build a playlist on the fly? it seems like it would be trivially easy to add a right-click option to tell it to “play this song next”, and then “play this song after that” – just right-click and build up a list on the fly.

  27. Rob Caldecott

    I might experiment with the 8.1 ‘iTunes DJ’ thing for my gympod.

    The iTunes ‘Genius’ feature makes up for a lot. :) My iPhone has it too and it’s very, very cool.

  28. Michael Clarke

    Sitting here listening to iTunes on my PC .. no idea where the app has gone though

    Double clicking the icon on the taskbar = Go Fuck Yourself

    CTRL-ALT-DEL = Fuck You Back Apple

    Open the app again and click the iTunes Store, it tells me the store is not avialable in your country yet – WTF

    Ok – So I select USA
    I press the Sign In button

    It raves on in french and takes me to the french store, which is helpful as I do live in france but my french sucks

    Oh – and my Language preferences are english by the way

    I turn off itunes to see what happens when I start again …. yay it took me to the french store without having to login again

    I change the store to United States it wants me to login again so I do and it tells me to FUCK OFF and takes me back to the french store

    Why is it that I can shop at any amazon.com on the fucking planet with one Login and Password and the iTunes store won’t let me?

    The genius bar works in english … thank god!!

    OH a hint to iTunes users …

    Do you know that clicking on the Album column will toggle the actual column name instead of changing from ascending to descending … WTF were they thinking?

    You can get by this by adding the column ‘Sort Album’ which doesn’t actually list the Album but clicking the header allows you to change the Ascending or Descending order of the Album Column

    If that was not so fucking retarded it would be funny!

    iTunes – all I can say is … somewhere there are a lot of villages missing there fucking idiots

  29. Colin M

    I have to admit…..

    Every time I connect my Ipod to my PC it manages to fuck something up.

    It either deletes tracks from the ipod or buggers the whole thing making it require a system restore.

    I just tried to take an 18 track language course that I bought on the net and copy/drag just get the fucking thing onto the Ipod, but no….. it decided that it wanted to fuck around with my machine again.

    After dragging the 18 tracks to a new folder on the ipod it managed to copy 3 of them in a total of 25 minutes.

    Why oh why does this piece of crap software not just let me move mp3 tracks to my ipod as if it were a standard external drive.

    Maybe i’m being stupid for thinking that this would be an easy thing to do, but I have finally found the perfect solution to this endless problem

    I’m going to buy an MP3 player that is NOT and does NOT and will NEVER have any connection to the worst piece of crap software I have ever installed on my PC.

    Just to let you know that I am not some dumb fuck that knows noting and computers, but a professional Unix consultant that just wants to listen to tracks on the move.

    Is this really too much to ask??????????????

  30. Fleem

    I love my Sansa. I subscribe to Rhapsody to go, but that’s because I don’t like record stores and tend to wear something out, get sick of it, then wear something else out. I get my best listening time in the car. Don’t need to own ’em, happy to give ’em back when I’m done. DRM is a PITA for sure but for the most part I’m satisfied.

    Also, my husband (an iPod owner) occasionally gets curious about something he’s heard about that isn’t on the latest Wiretapper and asks me to download it. That’s how I know neither of us like Antony and the Johnsons. And the Spoon songs I downloaded sounded an awful lot like Billy Joel.

  31. cleek Post author

    the Spoon songs I downloaded sounded an awful lot like Billy Joel.

    aaiiiieee!! the sacrilege, it burns!!

  32. cleek Post author

    just for the record, Rob’s suggestion didn’t really fix the problem.

    if you keep your library files on the network folder, and iTunes is already started when it discovers it can’t find the network drive (coming back from Hibernation, for example), it will become confused. if you close iTunes in that state, it will write a new library file to your local drive (when it does the “Saving iTunes Library” thing), with records for all your songs, but with all the paths changed to the local drive (where the songs aren’t) – same problem as above.

    iTunes still needs a switch that says DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY CHANGE THE PATHS TO THE FILES – EVER.

    the workaround is to verify that the network really is connected before doing anything at all in iTunes. don’t give it a chance to notice the connection isn’t ready.

    so, now, every time i bring the laptop back from standup, i wait until i can see the network drive in Explorer before i let iTunes do anything. this works.

    now if i could stop iTunes from doing that “Checking Library” thing (which takes 30 minutes and totally locks me out of iTunes)…

  33. alfaomega2000

    iTunes must be like this:
    1 You conect your iDevice
    2 See in just one window all the files: sound, video, games
    3 Mark the files you want to upload or download
    4 Autoconvert files from normal file to iDevice format(for keep memory only purpose) and viceversa, a converter from iDevice to PC format
    5 iTunes must have separetely ALL THEY SELL, S E PA R A TE LLY !!!
    6 All the songs of an album must stay into a single folder and the icon of that folder must be the frontis of that specific album, don make mixtures of diferents albums of the same artist
    7 Finally please don´t push and push for upgrades (many times works better my older version than the “new”)

  34. cleek Post author

    actually, i think i found a fix for this, and it’s very simple. here it is.

    basically, you change the location of Windows’ “My Music” folder to point to your iTunes music folder. iTunes uses that as its default location. so if you change that, when iTunes freaks out and tries to reset the music folder location to the system default, nothing happens.


    nope. doesn’t work.

  35. JOe Isuzu

    One Word:

    It is beautiful. It will solve all your problems, cure cancer, bring peace to the middle-east and let you use kickass Windows Media player to move your music from your library to ipod, and vice versa. That’s what I said VICE VERSA: Move music from ipod (any ipod) to PC library. Try that with ishitunes. One caveat: Navigating Ipod in Windows Media player sorting by genre or Artist can be a tad slow. But its understandable because Windows Media player is reaching into your ipod and presenting it to you in your custom Genre view or whatever. It was $15 and its changed my life. Try the free trial and test it out.

  36. foo

    Realize that Mac’s are dumbed down computers meant for those who do not want to have to learn the internals or do very advanced things. Apple believes that they know best for what most users want, with minimal intervention. Which is all fine and good until you want to do something that Apple, in their infinite wisdom, did not anticipate.

    All I’m saying is, if you are trying to do advanced things with a dumbed down tool, you’re fighting a uphill battle.

  37. Fuck!

    iTunes is a shit fucking fuck peice of fucking shit fuck fuck!!! The simplest task is abso-fucking impossible.. drag a song onto my iPhone; easy? No fucking fuck off fuck fuck way! Sooo pissed off. I’ve given up trying

  38. culturemind

    i just binned my iphone
    and got a new phone after 1 year
    of pain with its weak ass radio link
    no ring tones unless Itunes
    and the crap pile known as ITUNES
    I stands for INCOMPETENT!

    if your a Mac user you happy I know go for bid the
    day you ever use a real computer because the day
    you do ITUNES will hunt you down.

    So the Iphone is in the bin im not even going to sell it and let some other poor bugger have the pain.

  39. Mark Paul

    I hate iTunes and non compatible relations.
    I paid money for my PC with windows, I paid for my mp3 player which supports windows player, I even paid for downloads from iTunes…..

    Well what kind of F#@’=* [~>/! am I?

    Stuff iTunes. Binned the lot including my songs.

    I am happy with my sony player, so if all I want to do is sit at my computer and listen to music I use utube for free. Apple have shot off their own feet.

  40. golden

    i googled “why is itunes such a piece of shit?” in anger and this is the first result.

    i’ve had doubled libraries, doubled songs in itunes but not doubled files, randomly deleted songs and files, seemingly perfectly fine mp3 files that just refuse to import into itunes, songs out of order with no real reason (everything the same in the sort fields), and so many other problems… and this is all AFTER i switched to a mac. sigh.

  41. andy


  42. fuck itunes

    ditto comment 56 – 57

    this is THE worst piece of shit software. I bought this iPhone, for which the most part is OK, in desperation because HTC wasn’t doing anything in Australia. Boom, I buy the iPhone, 3 weeks later, HTC Hero comes out, and I’m stuck here with using itunes which is making me feel suicidal at the moment. Somehow what to spray my brains INTO itunes so it realises what its done, but its just too stupid and slow to understand the message I’ve just sent it. Would I need to place my brains into a fucking playlist first???

  43. Mark

    I also second the general theme that iTunes is the bigggest pile of wank to ever be written.

    When I used to have my iPod it wasn’t so bad, I could use Winamp to simply drag and drop my music across. But now with the iPhone, I’ve been forced to start using the demon itunes software from hell.

    Not only does it fuck up your music, it also insists on fucking up all my apps by deleting them all just because I dared to download from the app store and not from my pc using kakTunes.

    God damn I wish I had a better vocabulary of expletives so I could more eloquently describe itunes as the steaming pile of badly written, mind numbing, fucking shite it is.

    Ah, I feel better after getting that out.

  44. Gordon

    Also googled “itunes is shit” and got this link – this seems to be the official ranting ground for iTunes. It really is the worst software ever produced – so difficult to perform simple functions like drag and drop songs/videos – ridiculous, non-intuitive file structure on the ipod – extremely slow software. The developers of this piece of shit should be ashamed of themselves.

    The most annoying thing – had to reformat PC, when reinstalled iTunes it refused to sync to the iPod saying that it was locked to another computer and that I would need to erase all songs on it – what a pile of fucking jizz!! Had to jump through hoops deleting ITL and XML files, copying the MP3 files from the iPod to the PC. Importing from the PC into iTunes. iTunes then erased the songs from my iPod and then COPIED THE SAME FUCKING SONGS BACK ONTO THE iPod again. Fucking INSANITY GONE WILD!!!

    Apple – iPod is great, but fucking ruined by the worst software I’ve ever used. Cunts.

  45. cleek Post author

    this seems to be the official ranting ground for iTunes.

    we here at ok-cleek.com encourage everyone to rant about iTunes.

    maybe Apple will listen.

    ha. ha.

  46. Your own fault

    It is your own fault for:

    Believing you need a network in your house

    Buying songs that can’t easily be copied

    Believing mp3 sounds good

    Not using Limewire and wasting money on songs
    you probably already own on cd

    Not ripping your cds to a more listenable format
    and putting copies of them on every computer you have

    Realizing that you don’t need songs on a phone
    anymore than you need to wash your dishes in the
    clothes washer

    You stupid, moronic fucks, get lives already.

  47. Dave

    itunes’ user interface is great….except it’s slower than a three-headed donkey in a haircut race. It takes about a minute to delete an audio file….it’s not that damn hard.

  48. john

    iTunes is crap, utter and complete crapware. I gave away my iPod after 2 days and have never listened to it again. I love real music- you know the stuff that comes on a CD or a LP that you buy, keep and play, not get accidentally erased. Screw downloads, mp3s and ipods- a complete waste of time. I’d rather look out the window on a train than listen to one.

  49. Saxman

    Until about a month ago i was running windows on a small laptop using an external hard drive with around 250GB music on it. I used to drag and drop the files i wanted to listen to into winamp, this kept my music organised and played whatever i dragged into it. Fantastic program. The only problem was that my laptop sound card developed some annoying crackle so i went ahead and bought a macbook pro. Its fantastic really, my only bad thing to comment on is iTunes!!! I’ve used iTunes before and thought it was shit then but i thought that seeing as its on a mac, maybe it would be ok. I was wrong, very very wrong! I set about copying my music files into iTunes and initially it was ok it worked, i too had moved my library to my external hard drive and iTunes was reading the music from there. I then realised how little music had actually been copied over roughly 75GB of the original 250GB was in iTunes, the rest… Deleted! I am now left with random tracks, random albums and around 100 different ‘unkown artists’ iTunes is a terrible software and i strongly warn anyone away from it! If by some miracle someone reads this and knows how to fix my problem, then please feel free to comment etc.


  50. Ass Fucking itune

    Anyone genius out there can give a hand as to how to remove the ass fucking iTune (piece of lousy shit) from the iPhone?

  51. Oldgrouch

    I concur with that dog shit program called iTunes! I figured I’d be smart and put my library on a USB drive I take with me on the road. It’s the only drive I’ve used. Plug in into the USB port when I get set up that worthless piece of goat shit can’t even find that! And yes it decides on it’s own to change the location, then to add insult to injury it can’t find the tunes again even when you point them out.

    I had always thought Billy Gates was responsible for the worst software in the world. This piece of crap makes him look like a genius!

  52. shahin

    i agree with ALL those who want ITUNES DEAD. DEAD. its design is done by retard idiots. APPLE is great, just they need to kill the itunes programmers after firing them. (or the other way) it is designed for a grandma that has just one computer and wants every thing done for her automatically and WRONG.

  53. itunesfuckingsucks

    1: iTunes will copy and change the file location of your music instantly.

    2: iTunes will change the format of your music files from whatever they are to MP4 (for those of you who dont know mp4 is audio/video, and the conversion screws your songs up often)

    3: iTunes duplicates all your songs every time you try to add a new file to its library.


    use winamp

    the end

  54. itunesfuckingsucks

    oh almost forgot. even after deleting certain songs from the library and from the hardrive itself, itunes still somehow has the file and can play the song but says it cant find the song that its currently playing. lol what a piece of shit

  55. itunesisalimpdick

    oh i had this fucking computer program sent to me by god knows who,but it whould not let me start my com.it said it had a virous(but thats bullshit)becaus on my other profile it was fine.it wanted me to pay 50 shiy dollars to “remove this virous” so i re-formated my com and that shit was gone.

  56. Jim

    I re-activated my Audible account last night. It needed itunes to use Audible then Audible needed something else then itunes needed to download something then Audible needed an update, then Itunes needed to re authorize the computer then it needed a new password then i needed a apple account # etc. etc etc. Is this some sick fucking insanity test? To hell with all of it. I am now goingh to delete all the above only because I can’t climb into my my hard drive files and slit it throat! AaaaAAaahhhh hhaaaagggg AAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i WILL NEVER AGAIN BUY A THING THAT STARTS WITH THE LETTER i. no ipods no iphones no ipads no ishit period.

  57. Pietr84

    We were given Shuffles at my old company. Within three hours the softwware department had a hack to turn the Ipod into a normal drag and drop mp3 player.

  58. sara

    I agree. iTunes sucks fucking ass. Stupid fucking program just lost all of my songs and I have a feeling it is the same shit that happened to you. My problem is that I am not computer saavy like you seem to be, and I don’t know how to fix the fucker. So I am pissed off. And when I searched google for “fucking stupid shitty itunes fucker” this was the first page that came up.

  59. Dave

    POS iTunes – using an NAS to move my 15,000 songs to sounded like a good idea u until every fucking time it starts it re-points itself back to the path where it thinks the files shd be and not on the NAS. 2 hrs later after I can play my songs, WTF? Put a frigging switch in so we can tell this POS to stop!!!!!!!

  60. cleek Post author

    Dave – exactly the problem i was having. getting a stable connection to the NAS helped; i went to powerline networking and stopped using WiFi, because WiFi is crap for stability.

    i still get the “Checking Library” bullshit every other time i start iTunes, though. and that takes like 5 minutes.

  61. Apple or Lemon?

    As a PC user, iTunes is the first Apple application I have used. It is a totally unresponsive, clumsy, slow, unintuitive piece of garbage. Just because large numbers of people use iTunes doesn’t make it good by default.

    Its latest epic fail in a string of epic fails is that it can no longer connect to my iPhone. That would be bonafide Apple software not talking to a bonafide Apple device. Note that other (freeware) apps written by guys in a tin shed can see the iPhone…doing what Apple Engineers obviously cannot. How embarrassing!

    Perhaps you should outsource or learn their secrets?
    You needed to get this right guys…it was your big chance to break into the PC market and you blew it. I am now researching alternatives with a view to banning Apple stuff from my box. Yes Apple – I have the power to do that…I computes and I votes. You lose.

    Bottom line: re-write iTunes as a proper Windows app without the fancy bells and whistles (that don’t work anyway) and save your reputation. Oh…and fix the updater so it doesn’t lose the library every time you update because it incorrectly assumes we all keep our media in our Windows volume.

    If a novice programming student wrote this app, I’d fail them for making fundamental errors !!!

  62. Apple or Lemon?

    Also…assuming Apple is driven by $$$, don’t forget consumer confidence in your products. It’s no good investing $mill in great hardware if we all know that you’re going to get an apprentice on $12 bucks an hour to write the interface software, hence fucking up our lives.

    We buy your products to make our lives better…and it’s an indictment on your company that this forum even exists.

  63. cleek Post author

    i can’t tell you how much time i’ve wasted on iTunes in the past few weeks, trying to download songs i’ve purchased.

    i’ll buy an album, iTunes asks for my password (it’s started forgetting my pwd), the download will start, then iTunes will lock up. this invariably leaves one or more songs downloaded but not put into the library. or, partially downloaded but marked as complete on Apple’s server.

    so, i have to assemble the album as best i can by digging through iTunes’ temp files. then i find the missing songs, send Apple an email to get them to reset the downloads. but, Apple tech support always runs me through the “do you have the latest version? can you reinstall? have you tried a new library?” script, before they finally reset the songs.

    then i start downloading the missing songs, and iTunes locks up again. usually i can get the whole thing in a few tries. and i get song credits from tech support for my troubles.

    i really want to switch to Amazon for MP3s, but it’s so easy to just click that “Buy Record” button…

  64. Choked at birth

    Hi there, my name is iTunes. My Mother, Apple, and my Father, Satan had sex one day. I was born with my USB cord wrapped around my throat, and so I’m a bit of a fvcktard. I think you like music or is it goat-fucking…I never can remember [glitch..glitch..glitch] and I try to keep your junk together…but what was I saying…oh yeah…your goats need sorting into – oh wait where are your goats [glitch..glitch..glitch] I mean sheep? What are you doing Dave…where is the phone module…I can’t see the phone…it needs milking. Or fucking, yes that’s it, fucking. [glitch..glitch..glitch] I’m a little teapot and here is my handle, but where is my music? Mummy I can’t find you…are you on the WWW or is it WTF? You’re at the store OK I’ll go there get some tracks for the [glitch..glitch..glitch] train. Oh where is the shop? I’ll have half a pound of two-penny rice, half a pound of treacle and a stool so I can fuck my goats. [glitch..glitch..glitch]

  65. w/e


    So… I think I’m trying something else (MediaMonkey)

  66. bubba


    I’ve been using Mediamonkey for a couple of years now for my ipod, nice and simple drag and drop.

    Lots better then that shitty itunes, how that ever made it into the world amazes me.

  67. iHate Apple

    What in the christ? iTunes is the dumbest god damned app on the planet. They spend all this time making secksay stuff and iTunes is the app to do all of the synching? I hate Apple.

  68. Itunes Ruined My Ipod

    Thanks dick weed fucking Apple. My Ipod touch is ruined. So please excuse me while I go throw it in the toilet and take a nice shit on it. Then im gonna find the nearest Apple store, walk in and throw it at the first Apple employee I see. You fuck faces. Fuck Itunes. Fuck Apple. DO NOT BUY APPLE PRODUCTS

  69. Almafuerte

    I have a solution for all of you.

    DON’T fucking use any software from Apple. The hardware is amazing. The software is a piece of shit for people with IQs lower than their body temperature.

    Install GNU/Linux and stop suffering, you bitches.

  70. Andrew H

    I hate iTunes and that it craps my iPhone setup repeatedly – Apple are way WORSE than M$ ever where. They are so arrogant and unhelpful and UP THEMSELVES.
    iTunes is RUBBISH. When I restore an iPhone backup there is basically NOTHING there as far as all apps etc. are concerned – and NO INFORMATION or HELP to hand. Aaaggghhh!

  71. KungfuMonkeyJesus

    Everyone saying iTunes is the WORST SOFTWARE EVER WRITTEN obviously hasn’t worked with the system my employer chooses to use. They are pretty close to the mark though.

    Heres what I want from my PC / media player setup:

    – To organise my library the way I choose. This happens to be in one shared folder on my PC called “Music” with an ArtistAlbumSongTitle setup under that.

    – To be able to have this file structure maintained automatically, ie: when I rip a CD, I don’t have to rename every file, and when I transfer it to my device this directory structure is maintained.

    – To transfer songs from my PC to my media player as if it were any other external storage device. Drag and Drop. I should only need additional software if I want to build and transfer playlists (which I generally don’t) or transfer a random selection of music onto my device (which I often do). I just want to be able to copy shit over, man!

    – I don’t need to “sync” anything. I want to organise my songs myself. I want to transfer what I want when I want, to where I want. If I want to share my library with my housemates, my OS can take care of that for me.

    To do any of this with iTunes is so painful I usually give up. I got the iPod from work as a gift and, like everyone says it’s great at what it does. It’s what it doesn’t do – and what it’s shitty PC interface does / doesn’t do that make me sure i’ll never pay a cent for an Apple product.

  72. Mike

    open itunes use for 5 mins insert your comment here as any human with a Brain will not like Itunes
    if you buy everything from them they are happy and itunes sort of works how dare you have your own shit to put on a device you own

  73. Matt

    Aaaaaaaahhhh! iTunes is THE most user friendly dark force shit I’ve pretty much ever used! Its so unfriendly and universal at the same time! THE shittest!!!

  74. dave

    My 5 generation ipod nano, is not recogonised by itune or windows anymore…It was for about 3 month then nothing…..I went through every process described in itunes support and the final step was to restore my ipod using itunes…MY FUCKING IPOD IS NOT RECOGNISED, THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE! ITunes, no fuck it, Apple products are fucking shit and itunes and is method of functioning is the worst piece of donkey shit sorftware i have ever used. Now Apparently i have to get it serviced…Its not even a year old?????how fucking shit is that!!
    Anyone on here sticking up for apple products and the rest of their shit is just another Apple cock sucker with shit in their fruit bowl!!….I mean, any company who produces software for their own products and claims, with a unreal level of enthusiasm that they are the best on the market, when quite obviously the software doesn’t work are clearly lying through there teeth to rip people off!!!…..Fucke you APPLE and your left bollock itunes!!

  75. Stupid Fuck-tunes

    I swear i checked the box that says ‘open itunes automatically’. I even double fucking checked it. Sure enough every fucking time i connect my damn phone i get i-fucking-freeze for about 5 min. I dont know wtf its doing, i dont really care. i just want it to stop.
    i dont need to know about fucking updates, i dont want to auto-sync. i dont want to automatically do fucking anything, unless i tell it to. Fuck Apple, i wont ever buy another slow shit product again cunts. iphone has to be the most annoying paperweight ive ever used. one day i decided to check email while having a dump. i sit down, push ‘mail’ wait, snap a few, cleanup and the FUCKING THING still hasnt fucking loaded, piece of shit paperweight. next time i should just dump one on it and leave it like that.

  76. Platosearwax

    I like that this thread still gets comments.

    The only reason I have iTunes at all is that my daughter has a third generation Nano that I sync songs to. Otherwise I use Mediamonkey on Windows and Exaile on Ubuntu (frankly I wouldn’t have Windows at all if it wasn’t for the iPod and the few games the kids want to play).

    And I am a Cowon fanboy. They let me organize my music the way I want (ie not by tag), they drag and drop from any OS and they have, hands down, the best sound quality going.

  77. nfras

    My wife just bought an iPhone4 when I was not with her. It’s a nice toy, the apps are fun but it sucks at making phone calls – you know the one thing a phone should be good at. The other thing is that I now have iTunes on my PC. What a pile of shite it is. Not only does it fuck the phone around, it fucks my PC around. When I plug in my Creative Xen it runs in the background and drags things down to a crawl. I need to stop the 5 or 6 Apple processes that fire up like a dose of herpes whenever I plug it in. It has taken me nearly an hour to get some bloody photos off the damn phone.
    This is proof that if several thousand fucktard, VD-ridden, inbred monkeys were given shiny Macs to hammer, you wouldn’t get Shakespeare, you’d get that slimy piece of ass-fucked shit that is iTunes.

  78. Apple

    Hey hey hey people! I know your upset at our work but we assure you that Itunes is definately the greatest media player out there and we will do everything in out power to help you all individually.

    Know if you all just give me your credit card info and social security number we will get to you as soon as we rob– I mean as possible!

    I hope you all enjoy our services and if you haven’t then you simply haven’t donated us enough money. Please give us all of your cash and children. Thank you.

  79. Charles Randall

    I have figured it out…Apple is created and run by liberal elites and you know that liberals want to do one thing..think for you! Yes, they want to dominate your life my imposing their way of doing things, just like iTunes, they want to take control and make all of those choices for you…they are Elites so know what is best for you! I have spent 6 hours trying to get my Walmart (you know the largest non-union employer in the US and the company that is saving me $26 on the same list of downloads versus iTunes prices) downloads on to a %&*# iPod shuffle. No luck yet. I am returning the shuffle and shit-canning the Elites for a lower-priced Sansa 4gb clip player for the gym instead. Watch out for the liberal elite, they are data-mining every single iTunes file so that they can know everytime you listen to it!

  80. James

    I agree i bought an ipod worst mistake ever.

    However i do not use itunes anymore i use VlC Media player to play the audio/video files (this player plays everything including 1080p .m2ts)

    I use mp3tag v2.6a to edit the id3 tag artwork titles etc. (this is better than itunes because it uses id3 v2.3 rather than v2.4 witch is very very buggy)

    I use CopyTrans Manager to add songs to my ipod (it does not keep a library like itunes it just drags and drop and you see exactly what is on your ipod not what itunes says is on it)

    I am pround to say i live an itunes free life!

  81. James

    side note i got here by searching “stupid digital copy itunes crap”
    i hate the stupid digital copy because it makes blu-ray+DVD combo packs more expensive and I have to pay $8 not because i want a digital copy because i want the blu-ray

  82. JetMoo

    Just to add my voice in the whole iTunes is indeed a piece of shit. You are absolutely right. I come from a PC legacy of smart folder based music. My Sandisk Sansa clip Mp3 player is a drag’n’drop job thru USB. It keeps my folder structure and does a simple ‘database rebuild’ thereafter that takes seconds. Perfect, and I love it.
    I hate that on iPod/Phone/Pad you cannot simply delete stuff to free up room without resyncing. I mean it’s f’in deleting files – why should that take ten minutes of synching crap? I despair.

  83. JRDub

    I have a brand new Core-i7, 64-bit, Windows 7 laptop with 8GB of RAM. It’s a beast. It is specifically designed for me to watch movies, play games and listen to music.

    Movies… check
    Games… check
    Music…. iTunes is not responding

    Hmmm. What does Task Manager say? There is 2% usage on one of my 7 cores. Various things are contributing to about 1.5GB of RAM being used. WTF is iTunes doing? Nobody knows.

    Oooooohhh – Task Manager’s Applications tab says iTunes is “Running” now. Oh – wait – before I can get my hand onto the mouse it’s back to “Not Responding”.

    FFS. All I want to do is get my music onto my new iPhone. Why is it so difficult?

    1. Jefe S

      Intel is only a smidge smarter than Apple’s iTunes people. Their i7 core processors are 4 or 6 core procs. You should have gone with an AMD-based PC. Instead of locking up every 2 minutes, iTunes only locks up every 2 min, 15 sec.

  84. dpr

    Ok guys leave Apple alone… i think they have done a sterling job here with itunes…… not!!! you fuckshits have ruined my otherwise perfect life.
    All i wanted was an iphone that did what it said it did.
    jesus H christ is it too much to fucking ask for.
    All of the above problems and then some. fuck fuck fuck shit fuck… cunts!

    have a nice day!

  85. Jim

    I hate Itunes… i also run a network drive to store my music. I also sit there for an hour everytime my drive hibernates while itunes rebuilds my library. Why does itunes insist on creating a new library when it can’t find an existing one. It’s retarded and i’m close to binning it. The most frustrating thing is there is no real fix i can find.

  86. steve jobs can suck my balls

    Susw I have a sharde drive set up like you and find itunes to be a total p.o.s

    Get yourself some Sonos Zone players – they aren’t cheap but they work with a shared drive and unlike Apples “milk ’em for all the money you can mentality” Sonos gear works out of the box

  87. Brian

    I like add music to my iphone probably about once or twice a month, and every time i do, itunes has another update i have to install which will take about a half hour, and half of those times i CAN’T skip it even if i wanted to, because apple has written into the code that itunes will no longer sync my iphone unless i do.

    I came home on my lunch break thinking maybe i could quickly throw a new album on my iphone. Boy was i DEAD WRONG. Sorry apple, I don’t know what i was thinking.

  88. Alexis

    FUCK I HATE ITUNES AND APPLE!!!! Why the fuck do they make it so difficult to do the simplest things!!!??? Oh… Apple so is so easy and friendly… MY ASS!! I just spent the last 7 hours trying to get some fucking music onto my iphone. Itunes kept complaining that my phone was synched to a different library. So I finally caved in and told it to go ahead and sync anyway, expecting the music that was already on the phone to get erased, but lo and behold, fucking itunes ERASED ALL MY SONGS ON MY COMPUTER AND PHONE!!!! WHAT THE FUCKM!!? Now I can’t even add any fucking mp3 files to itunes that I had backed in a different folder. PICECE OF SHIT ITUINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Liam

    Amazing! 3 and a half years later and this is still true! I typed “why is iTunes so shit?” into google (out of anger, similar to 56) and this came up. Fun reading. iTunes just hangs every update, sync, download (yes… I downloaded from the store…), etc. It seems to be getting worse. Never used it before getting an iPhone. Never again getting another iPhone. Can’t wait to get a Droid soon.

    By the way, I was playing with the new Motorola Xoom Android tablet today, it was awesome. Wish I could afford it.

  90. Rob Caldecott

    Just moved entire iTunes library to a new PC (different music folder too as it’s XP -> Win 7 and I knew was going to be a PITA.) After hand-crafting the Library.xml backup from my original PC and importing it I thought I was home and dry. Nope, because backing up your library to an XML file DOESN’T INCLUDE ANY FUCKING APPS OR BOOKS!

    Thanks Apple, you really are a bunch of twats. My wife has downloaded a lot of apps and books onto her iPad which will all be removed if we connect it to the new PC. What a fucking joke.

  91. Oz

    iTunes is and always has been a stupid piece of shit, especially on windows – which I am sure they do on purpose.

    It’s slow
    It’s stupid
    It’s shit

  92. Mike Massive

    iTunts. It’s a piece of shit. I wouldn’t use it to play a fucking nursery rhyme. It seems completely unfamiliar with what a human would want from a music player:

    – If I double click on a song I want you to fucking play it, not fucking rename it – why the fuck would I want to do that everyday?
    -If I import a CD (always assuming it cocking-well recognises it as a CD and not a fucking ham sandwich) and then name all the fucking tracks by hand, because it doesn’t recognise them; I don’t then want it to assume that I didn’t want it to actually use these track names in my library – that I just wanted to name them on the imported CD window, and that’s it. DO THEY THINK I’M FUCKING MENTAL?!!
    – Ooooh I’m so sorry if I had Jazz selected and then I searched for ‘There is a light that never goes out’ – I tell you what, I’ll click on the Music tab – but oh wait, it’s fucking decided to delete the song name I typed in. I MADE A MISTAKE, I’M SORRY. FUCK.

    Also it is so fucking slow to load, and for some reason mine has a rank proliferation of playlists and smartplaylists only about two of which did I actually create. Piece. Of. Shit.

  93. henry kyburg

    my ipad was suddenly dead, except for it’d insistance that it it be plugged into itunes.
    Plugged it into my laptop, launched itunes – immediatly tried to load the apps from my iphone into my ipad.
    “Sync-ing” is a bullshit idea.
    So after the ipad woke up (reregistered, (re-figured out my asshole Mac username and password (FUCK USERNAMES AND PASSWORDS, or at least give me a “email me my pasword link”)- then i TRICKED iTUNES by unplugging the ipad and connecting to the “APP-HOLE store” in stand alone mode – (is that what i should call it?) and will now proceed to download each app i own one at a time again.
    I enjoy the ipad, HATE itunes EVERY fucking time i use it. God I wish I could burn iTunes to the ground!!!

  94. Jeff

    I agree. ITunes is shit! Apple needs to do something or they’re gonna lose customers! The syncing is terrible!

  95. matt

    yeah itunes is fucking gay…such a stupid layout. I may sound like a uneducated fool right now with all the swearing, but I’m actually extremely good with computers, yet even itunes pisses me off.

  96. jim

    I would like to swear because it is so funny and itunes sucks so badly. I presently have a whole bunch of tunes on my iphone that are gray and I can;t play them. In itunes I can. Itunes is real shit.
    I am thinking of using sharepod – or blowing up the while thing.

    I Hate Itunes

  97. TonyS

    I think this program is quite innovative. Its keeps finding new and interesting ways to freeze. Its locked up just now, smack bang in the middle of an album import. Never seen that one before. Go apple!!!!

    The person responsible for this fucking abortion should be publicly executed. Then re-animated. Then executed again.

  98. your fuking dad

    you fuking cunts at apple fuking fix itune u cunts.
    i don’t want to spend fuking hrs figuring out to manage my music every once a year..fuck…how hard is it to allow deletion straight from iphone…u fuckers trying to put people on tilt?

  99. fuck apple

    as im typing this im doing an import of 52 gigs of music into itunes onto a macbook pro. i have 10,000 songs to import and after 7 hours 2500 are finished. by the time this shit is done, i could have hand crafted a fuckin full size egyptian pyramid with boxes of lemonheads, by myself. this is the worst fuckin customer abuse right here. you make this steaming pile of proprietery shit to keep us from exporting music from outside sources and hope and pray we buy the shit on itunes. get the fuck outta here. i will never buy a cd as long as torrents exist. E V E R. i can workaround to make a ringtone in your proprietery fuckin ringtone format. i can do everything for free anyway. so fuckin give up and just let us drag and drop like normal people. get a file. drag. drop. eject. go about my biz. fuck. but no i gotta open itunes, which usually takes fuckin 10 minutes. then connect, sync, transfer purchases, whatever the fuck else, then i can finally do what i came to do. drag a couple new songs, delete a couple old songs. usually by that point i cant even fuckin remember what i came for in the first place. fuck itunes. fuck apple. fuck

  100. John Bernard

    This latest upgrate is the worst piece of shit I can imagine. Even before this bloody fucking update I had already lost my library twice. Everything is gone and I’m leaving iTunes, screw you apple. I don’t even swear this much in real life but this iTunes is an abomination. I give up, there is so much to say but why waste any more of my life.

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