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  1. cleek

    prison stripes! that’s awesome.

    i still think it looks grilled – like if you bought a whole baby (fetal!) elephant at the market and grilled it. i wanted to do that instead of Bee Man. but, i only have MS Paint here at work, and it’s no good for pasting irregular objects (like some potatoes and a wad of broccoli).

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  3. Ugh

    “i still think it looks grilled – like if you bought a whole baby (fetal!) elephant at the market and grilled it.”

    This made me think of pictures I took of a pre- and post- eaten dead baby elephant from a safari I went on years ago.

    The B&W one make me think the 2008 RNC is being sponsored by Adidas. Maybe they can have Run DMC headline it.

  4. PoliShifter

    It’s all too funny. Yours and the original.

    I think I like the original best though. I’m imagning some GOP graphic artist dreaming it up thinking how great it was not realizing he was projecting his own latent homosexualit into the logo.

    Or, the other side is that the Republican Party is the party of homophobic homosexuals who prefer being in the closet and having bathroom sex.

    Maybe the logo is a secret sign for them…a sort of acceptance badge. Maybe if you go to the convention and where one of these buttons, that will be the signal to go find a bathroom stall.

  5. timb

    Cleek, I saw this comment at Balloon Juice

    “America is a religion to these people. the flag is an object of idolatry. insufficient public worship is heresy. questioning any of it is blasphemy. idiots, every last fucking one of them.”

    God, you nailed that. I read that and thought that’s the perfect analogy for those dolts. If I told there, it would get lost in the hurly burly, so I thought I’d tell you here, although it is off-topic.

  6. Ugh

    It’s a perfect analogy for the dolts when there’s a Republican in the White House. Watch how they turn on a dime and fling feces at the President and her policies, foreign or domestic, war or not, when Hillary is president.

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