Thursday Cat Blogging!

Special mid-week kitty action…

Tricksey playing Crinkle Ball Arena !

That’s a cut-up version of Paper’s “Aphid”, in the background.

I initially made this using The Pretender’s “Precious” for the music, but YouTube wouldn’t let me post it (copyright). I had it perfectly synced to the video, too. Oh well.

9 thoughts on “Thursday Cat Blogging!

  1. Laura W

    That is such a great idea. I’m about to move into a house with that very tub and never would have thought of sticking the two younger cats in there with a toy.

  2. Basement Cat

    Holy crap, Cleek! That track by Paper is freakin’ great. Why haven’t I heard of these guys before? I’m listening to An Object on and am loving every song I hear. Oh yeah: great cat, too.

  3. cleek

    Why haven’t I heard of these guys before?

    i think they’re still pretty small. for example, AllMusic knows nearly nothing about them (and put them in the “rap” category). i just found out about them this week, from Flux-Rad.

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