You Can NEVER Quarantine The Past

Matador records is putting out a best-of collection from Pavement. All 23 songs on the record will be remastered (oh noes. must haz). And, they're holding a contest to see who can guess the track list...

Well, here's my guess - not necessarily how I would do my own Pavement best-of, but my guess as to how their record company would do it:

  1. Gold Soundz (this was given)
  2. AT & T
  3. Shoot The Singer
  4. Conduit For Sale!
  5. Rattled By The Rush
  6. Date With Ikea
  7. Range Life
  8. Shady Lane
  9. Spit On A Stranger
  10. We Dance
  11. Billie
  12. Blue Hawaiian
  13. Fame Throwa
  14. Frontwards
  15. Box Elder
  16. Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence
  17. My First Mine, Lions (Linden) Greenlander - some of the pre-Matador stuff is not available
  18. Zurich Is Stained
  19. Kennel District
  20. Stereo
  21. ... and Carrot Rope
  22. Cut Your Hair
  23. Summer Babe

Whew. 23 is a lot of songs.

4 thoughts on “You Can NEVER Quarantine The Past

  1. mark

    That clue that there’d be 3 non-Matador tracks and 1 compilation track really threw me. I thought maybe they’d put Painted Soldiers on there, but not at the expense of Unseen Powers… Very similar to yours. I couldn’t decide if any of the long tracks like Fin, Stop Breathin, Fillmore Jive, or Half a Canyon would be included, so I excluded em all. I do have tickets to a September show, which I’m excited about.

    Gold Soundz
    Rattled By the Rush
    Trigger Cut
    Spit On A Stranger
    Cut Your Hair
    Summer Babe
    Major Leagues
    Debris Slide
    Texas Never Whispers
    Unseen Powers of the Picket Fence
    Date With IKEA
    Box Elder
    Shady Lane
    Father to a Sister of Thought
    Kennel District
    Range Life
    Heaven Is A Truck
    No Life Singed Her
    and Carrot Rope
    Type Slowly

  2. cleek

    I do have tickets to a September show, which I’m excited about.

    yeah. i would be too!

    i’ve been hoping they’d come around here. no luck.

    i saw them in Buffalo back in the 91-92 era (with Tugboat Annie and Codeine). but i don’t remember a thing about them – i think i was more into Codeine at the time. saw them again in 97-ish, at a terrible venue, so i don’t have any good memories of that one.

    how’s the southern hemisphere ?

  3. mark

    Pretty glorious. Everyone is incredibly friendly, Portuguese is impossibly hard, the sun is like a hand pushing down on you.

    I saw them twice in 97. At the Roseland Ballroom (bought 4 tickets, begged one person to accompany me). They were incredible, I mean, still one of the best concerts I’ve seen. Malkmus improvised his guitar solos, rearranged lyrics.

    Then for the Tibetan Freedom Concert. So so. Short. A lot of faith in their Brighten the Corners material, which I’ve never liked.

    I got tickets to the first night announced. Then they added about 40 shows before it, including the preceding night in NY. Oh well, very excited.

  4. cleek

    Malkmus improvised his guitar solos, rearranged lyrics.

    oh yeah. now that you mention it. that was something i really didn’t like. i spent years memorizing that nonsense ! and he goes and mixes it all up ???


    Then they added about 40 shows before it

    none down here, tho. :(

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