Hate Is An Animating Force

Move over drag queens, the right has given its cult a new object to hate:

“Mickey Mouse has to become a Nazi. He has to. Because Disney is a very, very evil corporation that wants to trans your kids and fill their heads with all sorts of crazy ideas, and Disney’s gotta go,”


“Disney is really, really bad,” Knowles continued. “And so, one of the best things that we can do right now is make the Disney characters toxic. And coincidentally, call it providentially, whatever it is, the Disney character is now in the public domain.”

8 thoughts on “Hate Is An Animating Force

  1. nooneithinkisinmytree


    First, Republican conservative liberal-burning Nazi filth came for Maus because the Jewish mice were sans pants.

    Then they came for Mickey and Minnie regardless of their attire. Don’t think Goofy is going to get off easy.

    The fuckers of rats, the entire subhuman, genocidal, vermin conservative movement, will not be stopped until tactical nuclear weapons are shoved up and down their rat holes.

    Dan Scavino, Trump hired killer, who will appear before a firing squad sometime soon: “When I advised Trump that Pence (another Trumpass-kissing fascist Christian) was in danger, Trump replied: “So what.”

    Arm Goofy. It’s our last hope.

  2. Girl from the North Country

    “hah. what a nice little mouse.”

    That’s one possibility. Personally, I think that mouse is someone under an enchantment…..

  3. Girl from the North Country

    No, no, cleek, don’t be sad! The rules of enchantment suggest that sooner or later a prince or princess in disguise will be along to break the spell….

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