There's a line of Ziggys walking into a store. The first one inside sees a line of Ziggys in the checkout line, each buying an identical gun. So he says "That loon is getting a gun? I'd better get one in case he gets any ideas."

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6 thoughts on “Ziggy

  1. nooneithinkisinmytree

    But von Hindenburg is too old to lead the Reich:


    Thank you, Marty, Slart, and McKinneyTexas for sticking to your precious anti-Clinton, anti-gummint principles in 2016 and throwing your votes away on either a geographically-challenged glibertarian pothead, or some tax-hating MAGA-lackey.

    See you in the camps, fools.

    You’ll want to keep your distance from me.

  2. nooneithinkisinmytree

    The rapid unplanned disassembly of America and the Constitution is upon us.

    Funny (not) how vermin anti-Semitic, racist self-appointed conservative speakers of the Truth clam up into woke, politically correct passive-voiced speech when describing THEIR plans.

    Which is not quite accurate as the very detailed “plans” of the subhuman genocidal conservative republican pro-Putin movement reveal their astounding breadth and detail for killing America and its government … and all of us.

  3. nooneithinkisinmytree

    A history of subhuman, murderous, genocidal, all-American, capitalist conservative movement, Christian, Evil insanity:


    Let us give thanks to the subhuman American conservative gods of murder and mayhem.

    I don’t own a weapon. Certainly not an AR-15. But hear this. There are tens of thousands of all-American AR-15 owners who would murder unarmed me in cold blood if I attempted peacefully to take their weapons of war from them, and make it illegal to ever produce and those weapons again.

    But I’m the dangerous one in this piece of shit excuse for a polity.

    Let freedom ring. And then reload.

    I’m gratified for the Maine shooter that the AR-15s were manufactured so close by. Such convenience.

    Happy Thanksgiving. I notice few if any owners of AR-15s shoot their Thanksgiving turkeys with semi-automatic weaponry, for fear of inconveniently shredding their meat.

    Human meat, especially that of third-graders, is granted no such accommodation by these vermin.

    Thoughts and prayers up the ass.

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