Step By Step

The people behind these anti-CRT bills have admitted that they are part of a larger strategy to undermine our confidence in public education and advocate for privatizing education. For example, Christopher Rufo, the architect of the right-wing crusade against CRT, is “preparing a strategy of laying siege to the institutions” that will lead to parents having “a fundamental right to exit” public schools. In practice, this means using CRT to promote private school vouchers.

By an amazing coincidence:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) recently signed legislation that might radically undermine the state’s education system by making Florida’s already robust school voucher program the largest and most expensive in the country.

8 thoughts on “Step By Step

  1. nooneithinkisinmytree

    Obviously, the solution to these conservative movement racist subhuman insults against us is exponentially increasing the numbers of military weaponry and advanced military-grade ammo in the hands of the liberal citizenry to first, combat the armed conservative movement operatives who shoot up public schools, mass murdering our children and our teachers, and to arm public school teachers and administrative staff against fascist republican politicos in Texas and Florida and other fascist sewers in America who wish to destroy the former’s careers and reputations.

    It is the conservative movement white racist homophobic murderous race hustlers throughout America who are the tender-feelinged, paranoid WOKE fucks. THEY are, to a man and woman, the niggers, fags, Christo-Nationalist rapists, kikes, trans-freaks, wetbacks, and armed jackbooted gummint thugs ruining this country and its culture, its government, and its future.

    The fact that only a few of the conservative movement jagoffs who are ratfucking America are black, gay, Jewish, and cross-dressing Hispanic immigrants, and are imbedded in the taxpayer gummint insurrectionist richly funded cabal increasingly infesting our government from top to bottom is of no matter.

    These traitorous vermin, and they are now everywhere, hate our government(s) with the same fervor as Putin and the CCP hate our governments. Putin wants lower US taxes too.

    Putin has now opened an ex-patriot community near Moscow for former so-called conservative Americas who find his murderous Christian Russia inviting and taxpayer friendly. God, I wish Paul Robeson and a few other fine Americans who were destroyed by the always-present murderous Amercian right-wing were alive today to see that. One vermin right woman who Biden was nice to just moved there.

    The rest of ya get out too. NOW! Maybe Putin will name the community New Texas and Florida.

    Our media is fucked, and fuck all of them. EVERYTHING is a reality show to them as Americans are murdered by the Conservative movement via outright gunfire, or by their fascist sadistic policies. Gee, who WON the Uvalde, Texas massacre .. the NRA or Biden? The murderous racist, crippled Christian Governor of Texas or the 376 armed faggot pussy “law enforcement” (but not actually gay or effeminate, not counting the few closeted ones who were probably afraid the conservative vermin among their fellow cops would have gunned them down via friendly fire with a friendly nod from their Governor) officers who stood around with one hand on their tiny Texas dicks and the other speed-dialing the local barbecue outlet for refreshments?

    Every conservative, and republican, and libertarian, and Chistian in Texas was in the school with that mass murderer helping him pull the trigger and helping him reload and thinking to themselves “This here is the freedom our originalist forefathers bequeathed us!”

    If the current CNN and the current New York Times had been in Germany on the 1930s, they’d have both-sided the round up and murders of the Jews, with the Jews getting the worst of it. Goddamned kill all of it!

    And the Nazis would have won the weekly ratings tallies.

    The Fascist Hindu political party subverting Indian democracy has just removed all curriculum in secondary education that mentions the environment, energy alternatives, you name it. These subjects are now as censored as anal penetration among gay men. Not to mention the anal penetration of the voting publics in increasing numbers of countries on every continent where the worldwide conservative movement of murderous fascism is darkening the entire world.

    Lots more guns. Guns have solved every problem America has had with fascism and despotism since 1776.

    They will this time too on every street in America.

  2. nooneithinkisinmytree

    Once again, cleek, if you find my expression unsuitable for this venue, please delete.

  3. nooneithinkisinmytree

    Dupes duped.

    This explains everything about the America utterly fucked up by the subhuman kompromat fake ass grifting sadistic conservative movement that has drowned this country in dog shit the last 50 years, like a Ukrainian dam blown up conservative Christian murderous Republican Vlad Putin.

    Unlike Einstein’s unsuccessful attempt to detect evidence of his Unified Field Theory when he gazed out the Overton Window, Peak Dupe successfully unifies all that is fragrant steaming dog shit about 2023 America, gussied up with cheap glitter and a ribbon and sold as swag to the dupes out of the trunk of a fake Cadillac with a lawn mower engine parked down by the river next to the stump of the cherry tree someone did or did not chop down …. the jury is still fucking out …. by Elon Musk, Donald Trump, De … Da… DuhSantis, Vlad Putin, Murdoch, Leonard Leo and Clarence Thomas and his lying wife, and the cast of tens of millions of conservative fascist dupe criminals who lick the aforesaid butts and who should be executed by my government and then taxed for the favor.

    And speaking of both sides, how is it that after all of the horrible, misbegotten unjust tragedies that have befallen the Kennedy family since forever, nary a bullet or a plane crash or Covid managed to interdict this piece of lying, thieving, cheating dupe garbage these many years, an insane, gibbering manque who somehow mistakes Dr. Fauci for Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan and his own ass for his brain stem.

    American Reality is in fact an effing 24-hour-a-day Show with no popcorn.

    We need an eternal commercial break. Shoot the overvoiced fast talker who sez we’ll be right back.

  4. nooneithinkisinmytree

    America is what happens when Artificial Stupidity (AS) is enhanced through self-regarding goggles.

  5. nooneithinkisinmytree

    Lying Wagner Group immigrant (from two foreign countries — Punjab, India, residents of which are infamously fond of firearms of all types, and the section of the insurrectionist conservative Confederacy called South Carolina — runs guns and runs her surly republican mouth:

    She shits from her mouth at an appearance in a gun free zone venue in which every citizen in attendance was prevented from carrying arms and practicing their Second Amendment rights, with the exception of the gummint jackbooted Secret Service agents protecting her from attack by possibly-armed conservatives who believe she’s soft on everyone they believe should be shot dead in America (consult the list above) especially Commie dark-complected RINOs like her own self, despite her Trump-licking ways.

    No one in that gun-free zone was permitted to stand their ground against her assault. If she’d been standing on a neighbor’s front porch in either of her home foreign countries and abusing the home’s owner through the screen door with that claptrap, she’d a been shot dead like a dog and the shooter would go free, as they do weekly in those polite, neighborly red vermin shithole states.

  6. nooneithinkisinmytree

    “Emboldened Shoppers”

    That’s the term used by our fucked-up and fucked both sides media for violent sociopaths who threaten the lives of minimum wage workers and their families and their children for doing their innocent jobs displaying merchandise.

    Let’s go full conservative subhuman fascist woke, shall we?

    Rapists are merely emboldened romantics and lovers.

    Bank robbers are merely emboldened banker trainees.

    Car thieves are merely emboldened chauffeurs and/or valet parking attendants.

    Jeffrey Dahmer was merely an emboldened sous chef.

    80 million lying, subhuman, vote-thieving, sadistic, armed psychopathic assholes in America are merely conservatives.

    A semi-automatic military grade weapon is merely the next-to-last resting place for bullets. Or a simple tool, like a salad fork, if corpses were salads.

    The language is circling the toilet bowl. America is next down the loo.

    Flush twice. Cue the final laugh track.

  7. nooneithinkisinmytree

    One of them gay tornadoes transitioning to a hurricane finally got to the EVIL grifting killer Pat Robertson.

    I command my government to confiscate every dollar and piece of property he and his stole from America in his quest to destroy my country.

    He said:

    “you’re dealing with not a religion, you’re dealing with a political system, and I think we should treat it as such, and treat its adherents as such as we would members of the communist party, members of some fascist group”.

    I concur that the subhuman conservative movement is precisely as he said there and it should be chased to the ends of the Earth, executed, and deposited like Osama Bin Laden at the bottom of the deepest trench in the ocean.

    We’ll overlook the massive poisonous pollution that would cause, but at least it would be balanced out the resulting removal of the enormous deadly cloud of conservative shit that has darkened the skies of America lo these many eons.

    Since he lied like a Christian snake all his life that he was headed for everlasting life, I’m not speaking ill of the dead.

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