4 thoughts on “Tourist

  1. nooneithinkisinmytree

    The wokedy woke liberal Commie plot to enable the de-worming of freedom-loving worms via the voluntary application of generous amounts of Ivermectin is obviously NOT working quickly enough to save America from the rancid, violent, racist, genocidal conservative worm infestation that has crawled up America’s butt these last 247 years.

    Can worms themselves be effectively dewormed, without killing the host worm? The jury is out, but remember we’d have to avoid conservative subhuman Judge-shopping in the Texas House of Nematode Assistance to even be permitted to empanel an objective jury to decide this matter that didn’t include the aforesaid worms.

    Though the de-wormed horses these worms rode in on seem consistently hale and healthy, which is probably why Native American prairie warriors advised shooting the horses out from under our nematode Custer ancestry.

    It turns out the conservative movement’s murderous Second Amendment druthers are most probably more efficacious than Ivermectin in the eliminating the conservative movement worm infestation, though paling in comparison to tactical nukes in interdicting the aforesaid worms and their horses, but the hour is growing late for the last of us.

    “Do not kill LEO”‘s mysterious meaning, without having access to the footnotes, suggests the question: Who is more fundamentally more dangerous and threatening to my country and my well-being on this planet: this Larry Brock pinworm or the ruthless fascist snake …. Leonard Leo?

  2. nooneithinkisinmytree

    Natch, LEO probably means Law Enforcement Officers. Which means Leonard and Larry are worms of the same feather riding in on horses of the same color: white.

    This is something:

    ‘Defense attorney Charles Burnham said it is “inconceivable that (Brock) was motivated by anything other than genuine concern for democracy.”

    “If Mr. Brock was sincerely motivated by high ideals, it significantly reduces his culpability even if the Court should privately disagree with his view,” Burnham wrote in a court filing.’

    Which of course absolves every murderous conservative in America forever and tomorrow: James Earle Ray, John Wilkes Booth, every school shooter, every movie theater shooter, every gay nightclub shooter, every racist murderous cop who shoots unarmed superior black humans in the back, every House and Senate Conservative, every woke DeSantis prowling our Statehouses, every armed white trash restaurant owner turned House Rep, whose teen daughter and her uncondomed boyfriend are so stupid they can’t figure out that blowjobs are a poor, but reliable substitute for birth control, and who will shoot you down in their restaurant for complaining the cheeseburgers are not perfect.

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