Time to wrap this album up. It's been in progress for far too long. The oldest song here, "Blue Demeanor", was finished in September 2021. And the latest, "Baloney", was finished last week.

I give you WIP.

(Work In Progress)

Bonus fact: six of the titles are puns related to the scale/mode use in that song. When there are no lyrics, what a song is about isn't always obvious, so titles don't mean much. Obviously, there's nothing about a Delorean in the instrumental "Delorian Dream", but it is in D Dorian. At one point, there was a concept to do all songs in modes of D (because D is really handy on a guitar neck).

At the time, I didn't know King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard used a similar concept for their fun 2022 album "Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lava" - each song is in a different mode, and the first letter of each title identifies the mode.

3 thoughts on “WIP

  1. nooneithinkisinmytree

    I wanna be 52.

    At some point, I won’t wanna be 152. Unless I’m 153.

    When I’m 153, I expect that, on the whole, I’ll rather be in Philadelphia, unless this jerkoff is still alive and enjoying free speech:


    “Rather than live on in the hearts and mind of the public, I prefer to live on in my apartment.”

    Said Woody Allen. Me too. If rent-controlled.

  2. Russell

    And… they’re in order!! (The king gizzard thing).

    I don’t know why some people need to be assholes. I wish there was a simple pharmaceutical cure.

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