Mixed Episodes

This has been my project for the past month. The song took a week or so, and then the video took a solid two weeks in Blender, because Blender is a vast and puzzling and frustrating monster of an application that can do almost anything but doesn't give you any clue about how you can do anything so every step is a Google search.


"Mixed Episodes", Smaller Animals


9 thoughts on “Mixed Episodes

    1. cleek Post author

      let’s say that was a test to see if anyone was out there…. ?

      (did i mention that Blender is bewildering? sure, you can add an audio file to the project but that doesn’t mean Blender will include it in the output unless you tell it to)

    1. cleek

      Exactly. Everything else is midi. Some keyboard parts and bass sections were played/recorded live. The rest were done in the midi editor.


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