I've often told people how there were no racial minorities in my high school. People are often incredulous. How can that be?! In eastern New York state? Certainly with NYC being so close ... nope.

The closest we got to a minority was the handful of Jewish kids. And nobody cared about that distinction.

Well, now there's proof:

We're number 7!

Well, they are. They can have it. I ain't going back.

2 thoughts on “Whiteburg

  1. wj

    The “nobody cared about that distinction” is key. If nobody cares, you aren’t a “minority,” even if your numbers say otherwise,

    In my high school, there were also no minority kids. Not only were there Jewish kids (not only did nobody care, but mostly nobody even noticed), there were also Hispanic kids. Nobody cared there either. Possibly because, it being California, some of their families had been here for centuries — hence local place names** like San Ramon, Diablo, El Pintado, El Cerro, Martinez, etc.

    ** Not to mention, further away, San Francisco, San Jose, El Cerrito, Palo Alto, and so forth. (You can tell a non-Californian by him pronouncing La Jolla like it was English, rather than as “La Hoya”.)


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