I made this a couple of months ago:

But it turns out the silvery grey disc I chose for this doesn't hold dye very well. It's a common problem with certain kinds of plastics, and disc dyers have compiled lists of plastics which work best. This should have worked, according to the chart. But I think maybe the disc isn't exactly what it was sold as, or maybe it's the fact that it's a 'pearly' disc - the mica they use to give plastic that pearly effect can interfere with dye absorption, I've heard from some experienced dyers. Some say they're had no problem.

Here it was just three weeks after dyeing it.

That sucks. That disc was supposed to be my precious masterpiece. Or something.

So here's a different music-themed disc that has held up:

It's the Tribe, Y'all!

4 thoughts on “Indiscipline

  1. joel hanes

    Sorry about the dye problem. I like the asymmetry of the knot pattern, and the craftsmanship.

    Have you seen the videos by the guy who’s building a replica of the Antikythera Mechanism? Amazing shopwork in brass, and deep calendric study.

    Here’s one of them.

  2. Girl from the North Country

    Oh my God. I’ve just watched that second one, because already fairly familiar with the Antikythera Mechanism, and am absolutely astounded by the skill, artistry and craftsmanship. And the experience of watching it was something unprecedented too: a mix of a strange almost meditative quality with excitement and anticipation. What a piece of work – both the press and the video. Thank you, joel hanes!

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