Holy Fuck

Was that painful.

The doctor warned me that the nerve blocking injections he gave were only going to block about 40% of the pain. And he was probably right about that. After the fluid injection, which I thankfully did not feel, I think he stretched-out my shoulder four times. And I have never felt pain like that. Just blinding all-consuming pain. I did heard the scar tissue breaking up on the third one! I couldn't hear during the first two. Whole thing took about 20 minutes. But wow. Ten of them were insane.

And after that I was an absolute wreck. I could barely walk. I think I shook in my chair for a good ten minutes, trying to calm down, trying to get my breathing under control, completely unable to move my right arm (because of the nerve blockers), just trying to think straight.

So... I would recommend sedation. Or at least a Valium or something.

6 thoughts on “Holy Fuck

  1. Girl from the North Country

    Crikey cleek, that sounds absolutely horrific. I only hope to God it does the trick, and then I guess it will all have been worth it – the scar tissue breaking on the third go seems to offer hope. It sounds like you may have gone into shock after. Is there anything you have to do (exercises etc) to stop more scar tissue forming? Let us know how it goes.

  2. Girl from the North Country

    cleek, are you OK? How is it going? No pressure or anything, but it would be awfully good to know that you’re on the mend…which I really hope you are!

  3. Cleek

    Good enough. So far no improvement. Same as before. Maybe PT will do the trick.

    Chillin in NYC. Booze helps.

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