The List, 2008, #50-41

We've turned the corner! The end is in sight!

Continuing in my Top 100 All-time Favorites for 2008...

The Colorblind James Experience 1987
The Colorblind James Experience
Have you ever been experienced? No, I mean a different Experience.
White Stripes 2001
White Blood Cells
Remember when they seemed fun and innocent?
Big Star 1974
Radio City
When Chris leaves, Alex gets squirrelly.
Fleetwood Mac 1975
Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac!
Robyn Hitchcock 1990
Sprawling pretty acoustic clever.
Big Star 1972
#1 Record
Chris Bell and Alex Chilton: a song writing team too good to last.
Nirvana 1994
It's better than Nevermind because there are fewer layers of clear coat. "All Apologies" might be the best song ever.
Jimi Hendrix 1967
Are You Experienced
Gillian Welch 2001
Time, The Revelator
Contains the best anti-music-pirating song I've ever heard.
Smashing Pumpkins 1991
One of those records that works best start-to-finish, in the dark, alone.

And the histogram for #100-#41 looks like this:

(release dates of records listed so far, grouped into five-year spans)

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8 thoughts on “The List, 2008, #50-41

  1. felix culpa

    Yup. All that easy slide on wry. Sooo tasty.

    Introduce to them in 1990 by a friend in London. They were in Rochester, I was in Toronto, and I had to go to London to find out about them. I can still remember the delight and amazement of that evening.
    I got all the vinyl I could find, ordered a cassette from them. Finances and life intervened and I lost touch, with casual searches proving fruitless.

    With a channel in the amp gone and now needing a phono preamp I haven’t been able to listen to anything in a while, but when the tide turns they’ll be on the platter in short order.

    I’m considering, I’m considering, a move to Memphis, a move to Memphis…
    So smoove.

    I sort of got the impression they dissolved a long time ago, but it’s hard to imagine such a beautifully well-oiled art dissolving. Still, it happens. Any word to the contrary?

  2. cleek

    i was in Rochester during their heyday but somehow managed to avoid seeing them live, except for one show at an outdoor music fest in 91 – and i was too drunk to remember any of it.

    their stuff is pretty hard to find these days – especially that first album. i got a copy of it last year from a record store in Rochester, vinyl. i ripped it all to MP3, but my turntable sucks, so the quality is a little iffy… plus i forgot to turn off Windows’ sounds, so the sounds of me getting new mail and clicking things pops in on a couple of tracks. need to re-rip with a better turntable. someday…

    Colorblind himself passed away a few years back, which ended the CBJE. i’m not sure what the rest of the band is up to, but some former members have a CBJE blog, where they do podcasts and tell stories from their days with the band.

    it’s pretty amazing to find someone else who has even heard of them. cheers!

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