My Alma Mater

The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester issued an "all clear" at about 9:25 a.m. this morning after reports of a gunman near the residence halls shut down the campus for about an hour.

According to a message posted on the RITNews Twitter feed shortly thereafter, a bus driver on campus had reported what he thought was person with rifle. But the police investigation later determined the object in question was an umbrella with a samurai sword handle.

5 thoughts on “My Alma Mater

  1. The Modesto Kid

    Hey we might take Sylvia’s girl scout troop on a camping trip up near there this summer. Know any good locations? Have you ever been to the Susan B Anthony house (which would be the object of our journey)?

    1. cleek

      nope, never been in the SBA house, but i’ve driven by it many times.

      if you’re going to the SBA house, you should definitely take the 1 mile trip over to Mt Hope cemetery to see her grave site. Frederick Douglass is in there, too. it’s a really nice old cemetery. big, lots of ancient trees and hills, twisty little roads.

      did you have a camping spot in mind? i’ve never camped near Rochester itself. but there are some cool parks (ex Mendon Ponds). Letchwork St Park is really nice (about 20 miles SW of Roch).

      1. The Modesto Kid

        Nah, no spots in mind yet — we are just beginning to make a plan… The two objectives are, somewhere nice to take the troop on a camping trip, and some feminist historical spot to see. Also thinking about a couple of spots in the finger lakes.

        1. cleek

          Ithaca is a nice place to visit. Cornell, all kinds of falls, etc. it’s a cute little crunchy town out in the middle of farm country.

          Watkins Glen is also pretty nice. there’s a race track, too. my uncle got arrested for walking out onto the track.

          it’s all really nice up there. very pastoral.

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