Favorite Record List - Nearing The Finish!

Right now, we're within 500 votes of wrapping this up. Which means we'll probably be done tonight. Sweet!

I'll try to get the results posted ASAP. But, I've got a show to go to tonight, so I might not be able to get to it till tomorrow AM. And the more detailed stats will have to wait till the weekend, probably.

In the meantime, besides the basic top X list, are there any interesting data bits you'd like me to try to extract from the vote logs?

I was thinking about:

  • graphing the scores of the top 20-ish records throughout the voting process.
  • showing win/loss/tie counts for each of the top X.

And, what do you think is a good X ? 20? 50? 100? The whole thing?

5 thoughts on “Favorite Record List - Nearing The Finish!

  1. The Modesto Kid

    I’d be interested in knowing how much overlap there was between the sets submitted — maybe with records that were submitted multiple times,an indication of how many times. It might be nice to publish the top 10 records, with a link to a table of stats for the whole list.

  2. MikeJ

    I’m somewhat interested in the rankings here compared to say, the Rolling Stone top 500 and/or rateyourmusic. Which isn’t something you can do with a simple select statement.

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