Washington Monthly Disemvoweller / Pie Filter

Because the last one was so much fun, I've created a Greasemonkey script for WashingtonMonthly.com to disemvowel comments from users you don't like.

It works basically the same as the ObWi version, and the same caveats apply (works based on the name the commenter uses, etc). In addition to good old dsmvwllng, it also has options for replacing their text with a nice white-on-black    REDACTED   , or to make the text really small: Look at me, I'm small!. It also has a special "I Like Pie" mode (thanks to d-p-u).

So, download and install, if you wish (you'll need FireFox and Greasemonkey, first). You'll have to do some minor editing on the script itself - to add your list of targets, and optionally, to change the comment-abusing style. Again, all the stuff you need to monkey (get it?) with is clearly commented.

If you're using FF v2.0, and you've installed GreaseMonkey, and installed this script, just go to the Tools menu, choose GreaseMonkey / Manage User Scripts, select the script and click Edit. The things you need to edit are right there at the top. It's basically just a matter of changing the default 'baddies' names to the names of the people you want. You can have as many names as you want. If you need more help, feel free to ask.

8 thoughts on “Washington Monthly Disemvoweller / Pie Filter

  1. double-plus-ungood

    Hiya Cleek. Due to a troll sighting on ObWi, I’ve made a slight change to the disemvoweller script that strips punctuation from the name prior to comparison. I’ve also added a “pie mode” where the selected commenters praise pie randomly selected from a phrase array. I enjoy this mode as it makes the specified commenters quite pleasant to read (I originally wrote that one for Michael Totten’s comment section).

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  3. Disputo

    You appear to have posted an early version of the WM script.

    The metadata is for WM, but the meat assumes an OW structure.

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