2011 ok-cleek Readers' Record Poll

It's on!

We have ~120 ~140 ~150 records in the poll (including a few duplicates). And the voting page is ready for your attention.

How it works:

  1. You'll be shown two records, at random.
  2. Many of the records have links to pages where you can listen to them (or songs from them, or Amazon previews, etc).
  3. Many will show cover art, many don't.
  4. If a record doesn't have a link or artwork, an 'update links' option will appear and you can add a link / artwork link, if you want.
  5. Each will have a 'Best' 'Better' button underneath. Click the one you like best.
  6. A 'Better' counts as a win for the record you choose and a loss for the other.
  7. If you truly can't decide, click 'Tie'. Ties count in the ranking.
  8. If you don't have an opinion, you can 'Skip'. Skips don't count for anything, and are not recorded.
  9. Vote as much as you like. The more, the better, in fact.
  10. I'll leave this up until November 1st October 10th or we get 10,000 14,000 votes: whichever comes first.
  11. Submissions are still open, if you still want to submit records. I'll leave it open till Monday PM. Submissions are closed!

So... Here's The Voting Form !

Vote early. Vote often.

(It's actually kindof addictive)

69 thoughts on “2011 ok-cleek Readers' Record Poll

  1. Rob Caldecott

    Flattened by mobile phone battery doing this. On the laptop now.

    I haven’t seen any Elvis yet!

  2. Rob Caldecott

    Ahhh … Elvis COSTELLO. ha ha. Yes, plenty.

    Only one Beatles album though. No Revolver? No White Album?

    Three New Order albums though! (one is mine).

  3. MikeJ

    If you could add an “add artwork url” button on the albums that don’t have it, we could have art for all of them in no time. It just annoys me every time I see my #1 come up without art (even though I included it).

    1. cleek

      your #1 was a duplicate and i stupidly turned on the other entry, which didn’t have any art on it. fixed!

      i’ll investigate an ‘add art’ page. sounds like work, tho.

  4. Wag

    There’s no Rush because they’re Glibertarian Randian pompous fools and we all know it. The amazing guitar could NEVER make for the embarrassing lyrics.

  5. Rob Caldecott

    I just pushed the voting over 5,000.

    And I voted 100 times in just a few minutes so I hate to think how many votes I cast last night!

        1. cleek

          i logged IPs when you submitted your list. and i log the IP on every vote.

          SELECT count(*) FROM … JOIN ON ….

          you probably had more than that, if you were using your phone. there are tons of votes from people who didn’t submit anything, and/or people at different computers from when they submitted.

          1. Rob Caldecott

            Yeh, I did quite a few on my phone.

            I also click ‘Skip’ a lot. Probably between 10 and 20% have been skipped as I didn’t know both records.

          2. MikeJ

            there are tons of votes from people who didn’t submit anything,

            I mentioned it on a b-j music thread, but it was only once and I think it was late evening on the east coast.

  6. Rob Caldecott

    I had a copy of the ‘Harder They Come’ soundtrack buried in a box of CDs in my garage. I dug it out this morning and bloody hell … it’s good!

  7. platosearwax

    This IS addictive. I’ve seen many I wish I had chosen on my list so I have actually voted for them over my own. And there are several I need to get now after taking a listen. So thanks for that everyone!

    Will we eventually be able to see everyone’s list with names attached, because I am really curious (though I think I can guess whose they are on many of them)?

    1. cleek

      I’ve seen many I wish I had chosen on my list so I have actually voted for them over my own.

      me too.

      and yep, there will be a big data dump at the end of this.

    1. The Modesto Kid

      I felt the same way when I found out about them a couple years ago. (My intro to them came by way of a friend I met on the Robyn Hitchcock fanclub mailing list.)

  8. Cris

    Thanks for keeping the submissions open; I crammed ten in there, pretty much in alphabetical order by artist, knowing that I should have agonized over it more.

  9. Rob Caldecott

    More new additions (including Revolver) and we’re fast approaching 10,000. I think Cleek should bring the closing date forward.

    1. cleek

      submissions are closed. and i just bumped the vote cap up to 14,000.

      we’ll be there in a few days, probably. but i wanted to give recent additions a good shot.

  10. MikeJ

    What’s really frustrating is when you get a pairing like Hüsker Dü and Coltrane. I love them both, but I would no more have thought to compare them with each other than I would compare them with any other random object stamped out of aluminum.

  11. Cris

    I like the fact that you encoded the matchups to make it more difficult to hack. You know your audience!

    I hope I’m not being graded on consistency. I may be forming a rock/paper/scissors strange loop with some of these matchups.

    1. cleek

      I like the fact that you encoded the matchups to make it more difficult to hack.
      i tried to do a lot more than what you see now, just for fun. but, PHP and my own impatience held me back.

      I may be forming a rock/paper/scissors strange loop with some of these matchups.
      you’re not alone there.

    2. MikeJ

      Forget strange loops, I would guess that I’ve seen identical match ups come up and voted different ways. I try not to think about the albums too deeply and just go with a gut reaction.

      1. Rob Caldecott

        Yeh, me too.

        Someone’s added ‘Wish You Were Here’. I could kill them. I love that record and it came up against one of mine and I wanted to cry.

  12. Parallel 5ths (Psychedelic Steel)

    Me three. I take as evidence that at different times of the day, or given a different set of stimuli, I prefer some albums to others.

    1. MikeJ

      No predictions[1], but if I may get a little meta I was shocked by the absence of The Who.

      I had gone through my itunes library, made a quick list 35+ albums, and then didn’t save the list. With hours to go before the first deadline I opened the form and just typed in the first ten that sprung into my mind with no thought to ordering or what I was omitting. Prepared naïveté. Beginner’s mind after study.

      What’s shocking isn’t how many of the albums in the list were in my original list, it’s how many would have been had I thought of them. And of course how many more I wish I could have added. I could have easily filled all 150 slots with my top ten.

      I also find it weird when the not best album by a group I love pops up. Parallel Lines? Really? The first album, with Rip Her to Shreds is the obvious choice for Blondie (no matter how much I love their cover of Hangin’ on the Telephone.) Sandinista! for The Clash? Are you people on drugs?

      [1] OK, one prediction. Coltrane. Nobody wants to vote that Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend is the better album, even though it totally is.

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