Readers' Record Poll - Submissions Reminder

Just a reminder: submissions for the 2011 Readers' Favorite Record Poll are open, for the next three days.

I'll be closing submissions, so voting can begin, on October 1st. That's this Saturday. Three days left!

More details, here.

Don't miss out! It's the chance of a lifetime! All the joys of making a list, plus filling out a web form (plenty of opportunity for copy-paste action, there!) and the chance to vote your own picks to the top! Good times! Precious memory possibilities!

13 thoughts on “Readers' Record Poll - Submissions Reminder

  1. platosearwax

    Done! That was not easy. I got like 5 right off the bat and then struggled with the next 5. And I just spent an hour while watching football going back and forth on that last one. What surprises me the most is I think I barely have anything previous to like 1979 and nothing newer than 1997. My “Best Albums” list would be much different and more diverse.

  2. The Modesto Kid

    I can vouch for the satisfaction that filling in this web form provided. 10 was a nice number because it allowed me to list the 7 or so records that by all means had to go in there and then flip a couple of coins for runner-up spots.

      1. cleek

        i agree! but b5 is currently at the bottom of the rankings, its win/lose ratio is like 1:6 right now.

        the b1 band’s “the a1 album” is completely dominating.

  3. Derek

    I was lazy and didn’t bother including a link to the album art for each entry? Should I have? WIll my choices be slaughtered because I was a lazy slob?

  4. The Modesto Kid

    Is there any possibility of changing the link for one of my albums? I linked to a YouTube vid for one of the songs but have since then made a playlist of all the songs on the record.

  5. Cris

    I’m not sure I’m going to get my submissions in! Having trouble finding the time when I’m next to my full collection. That’s okay, though, my tastes are pretty binary: (1) stuff that will already have been mentioned by somebody else and (2) stuff nobody else will vote for.

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