ok-cleek Readers 2011 Favorite Records Poll

The submission lines are open! Gather up your all-time favorite records list and prepare it for battle!

The rules are here:

  1. You can submit up to ten records. Less, if you like.
  2. You will only be allowed to submit once.
  3. The order in which you submit them determines their initial seeding in the overall list (higher ranking from you = slightly higher initial seeding).
  4. The submission form will be available until October 1st.
  5. Voting will start after submissions are done.
  6. Any record is fair game: compilations, best-of, live albums, etc..
  7. These are favorite records, not best.
  8. Voting will be A vs B, each chosen at random. Ranking will be determined by an Elo ranking algorithm. Did you see "The Social Network" ? This is what Zuckerberg used for his "Facemash" (girl ranking) website.

The submitter is here.

Any questions?

20 thoughts on “ok-cleek Readers 2011 Favorite Records Poll

  1. The Modesto Kid

    Also: I am scavenging cover art links off of Google, and your “Cover art link” field does not appear to be big enough to hold most of the image url’s I am finding. It is clipping them off midway through, which does not seem like it will have the effect I am hoping for.

  2. MikeJ

    The name I think says what it is, but to clarify: these are our favorite albums, the ones we actually most like to listen to, not necessarily the “best” albums. I listen to and love a lot of crap.

    1. cleek

      anything you want.

      i’d say limit it to commercially-available records, but even that’s flexible. if you really want to add that solo-acoustic ukelele record you made in college, and only made two copies of – feel free. might not get a lot of votes, though.

  3. platosearwax

    Working on it….had to rethink as I have been contemplating “best” rather than “favorite”. Those are totally different lists. I think a couple of my favorites wouldn’t even make the top 500 best.

    this whole exercise is going to be really interesting.

  4. The Modesto Kid

    One thing that is bugging me — when we are voting on comparisons between records (after all the submissions are in that is), will the voting be based on which one we consider to be “better”? If it is based on which one we consider to be “more a personal favorite” then it’s hard to see how everybody could not just vote for the records they submitted as their personal favorites.

    1. cleek

      “will the voting be based on which one we consider to be “better”?”

      right now, the voting page shows two records, side by side, with a button labelled “win” under each. there’s also a “tie” and a “skip” button: pick the one you like best from the two presented.

      “it’s hard to see how everybody could not just vote for the records they submitted as their personal favorites.”

      right. we have to expect that everybody will do that. but if everybody does, with equal frequency, the effect will be null – so we all need to vote a lot, to balance those who will vote a lot. also, it will help if we each try not to view this as a competition to get our own records on top.

      plus, we’re going to get votes from people who did not submit anything. so they obviously won’t be trying to vote their own records up.

      1. platosearwax

        I don’t think I will necessarily vote for mine every time. I could see my tenth one come up against someone else’s number one and decide I like theirs better, even if I didn’t have it on my list.

        I actually don’t expect mine to “win” anyway. A couple of mine are going to be really weird and obscure, but they are in fact my favorites.

          1. platosearwax

            I agree. Just seeing them will be interesting enough, but I can see either finding something new or re-evaluating an album if someone else thinks it is a favorite.

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