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Trump Organization Charges

1. Scheme to defraud in the first degree
2. Conspiracy in the fourth degree
3. Grand larceny in the second degree
4. Criminal tax fraud in the third degree
5. Criminal tax fraud in the third degree
6. Criminal tax fraud in the third degree
7. Criminal tax fraud in the fourth degree
8. Offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree
9. Offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree
10. Offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree
11. Offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree
12. Falsifying business records in the first degree
13. Falsifying business records in the first degree
14. Falsifying business records in the first degree
15. Falsifying business records in the first degree

Ladies and Gentlemen...

The party of family values:

After passing both the state House and Senate, Gov. Greg Abbott vetoed Senate Bill 1109 on June 18.

Grand Prairie Assistant Police Chief Ronnie Morris said it was a blow.

“To say that I was shocked with the governor vetoed this bill is an understatement," Morris said.

Morris, who wrote the bill, said it received sweeping support from both Republican and Democrat legislators, and there was no indication that it wouldn't pass.

The bill would require Texas public schools to teach curriculum on dating violence, domestic violence and child abuse to middle and high school students. The bill lays out a system where students would go through the information during one session in middle school and two times in high school.


Abbott's office's website states that he vetoed the bill because it did not include an option for parents to opt their children out of the program.

On the other hand, if it did contain such an option, looking for parents who opted-out would be a good first-pass filter when investigating potential abusers.


Since I have a seven-day trial of Adobe Character Animator, I made another video with it.

Here's Harm.

It's no accident all of these faces have the same haircut. The puppets I used here and for Streetlight are all based on the demo characters that come with Character Animator. You do some facial motion capture in the app to set up the basic facial expressions, then you pick the character model (puppet) to use and it generates a puppet you can ... puppeteer?. But for some reason, no matter which (human) facial model I pick, it copies the haircut of the person doing the setup modelling - me, in this case - regardless of the haircut the character has in its preview. And I couldn't figure out how to change it.

So, this green pencil sketch ghost guy takes my DIY haircut on a tour of some of the places I went in Scotland a couple of years back: Holyrood Abbey, Portree harbor, and Robinson's Close in Edinburgh.

Arizona Is Full Of Snowflakes

Among other things, the bill would not allow school administrators to require instruction that teaches "one race, ethnic group or sex is inherently morally or intellectually superior to another race, ethnic group or sex."

That language is nearly identical to the wording of the Idaho legislation: "any sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color, or national origin is inherently superior or inferior." Idaho Gov. Brad Little, a Republican, signed that bill into law last week.

Other provisions of the bill would bar discussions that would make anyone feel guilt, anguish or any psychological distress on the basis of their race, sex or ethnicity; another section would and would prohibit lessons that would make a student feel responsible for "actions committed by other members of the same race, ethnic group or sex."

It's Scams All The Way Down

Hall’s efforts to attract followers by posing as various Trump relatives was detailed in depth by the Times in December. Describing himself as a bisexual Trump supporter, he told the Times that he started the fake accounts after struggling to achieve his dream of becoming a conservative radio host, toiling instead as a sandwich maker and doing food delivery in Mechanicsburg, Pa.

He said he hit on a winning formula: posing as Trump’s relatives who didn’t have Twitter accounts, and then amassing followings by spreading false claims. The account he set up in Barron Trump’s name, for instance, tweeted that “COVID is a scam” and “Q is real,” the Times reported, a reference to QAnon, the extremist ideology.

Many of the accounts drew wide followings — including a fake account for Trump’s sister, Elizabeth Trump Grau, that was eventually retweeted by the former president himself. In all, Hall amassed more than 100,000 followers on various accounts, the FBI said in court documents.

He eventually used that social media clout to drive followers to donate to a group he supposedly ran called Gay Voices for Trump, with the fake Robert Trump profile and others urging supporters to give money to the group.