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It’s A Series Of Tubes!

Taking this idea, and 11 feet of 3/4″ PVC tubing, 8 elbows, 6 T’s, a can of red spray paint (left over from The Red Menace), and a bottle of Red Oak, I made this:

… to hold my new amp. Like so:

.. because, as they say: you don’t hear with your knees.

Not bad for $15 and 20 minutes of assembly!

I did make one modification on the original design: I put a bar across the front bottom, to hold the bottom of the amp. It looks like the original uses the ends of the two front elbows to hold the bottom. But that design doesn’t really work with an amp the size of my little Champ – it needs a bottom support, too.

I also ended up sticking some little felt furniture pads on the bottom, to keep it from rubbing red paint onto the floor.