60 Second Reviews

Genesis – A Trick Of The Tail. I used to love this record, when I was 15. Now it’s 50% cringe-worthy and 25% meh. The other 25% is OK; I can still listen to “Dance On A Volcano” and “Squonk”. For some reason, the iTunes version of this album is nothing like the official release: […]

The Most Amazing Lie in History

They were worried for good reason. With so many troops and so much artillery swelling in England, it was impossible to keep the attack a secret. Hitler knew it was coming, and he’d been preparing a defense for months. Only one detail eluded him, and he was confident in a Nazi victory if he could […]

Monday Cat Blogging

Nikon D100, 50mm, cat, photons, mid-level ceramic tile, tinted grout (repost) Artist Statement Often it is not what is said but how it is said that makes a photograph successful. Luminosity, atmosphere, poetry, craftsmanship, joy, life, cats, vegetables and frequently the side of my thumb – These are the cast of characters in my photographs. […]

2012 Favorite Records List. 50-41

Entering the final turn… 50 The Feelies 1980 Crazy Rhythms Score: 484 W/L/T: 23 / 23 / 13 Reminds me of college. Rolling Stone said it was one of the best records of the 80s (London Calling won, IIRC). So we all went out and bought it. This was back in the pre-internet time, so […]

2012 Favorite Records List. 70-61

70 Rolling Stones 1971 Sticky Fingers Score: 379 W/L/T: 21 / 24 / 5 Another golden era Stones record (I’m thinking that “golden era” really means “Mick Taylor era”). There’s all kinds of classic-radio stuff on here: “Brown Sugar”, “Wild Horses”, “Bitch”, “Dead Flowers”. And, my favorite, “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”, with that long […]

Infinite Quest

Boldly non-linear, morally ambiguous; lavishly detailed, wildly different settings nevertheless designed with a visible but non-distracting self-similarity; possibly 30% larger than it really needs to be but gorgeous nonetheless; giant sections where you just gape at the beauty of it all while wondering why so little happens there; lens trickery confuses distances; the basic plot […]

This Is Not What Cats Are For

More proof that the wingnut zillionaires, the Koch bros, are evil: they make a brand of toilet paper, sold only in Ireland apparently, called … KittenSoft. Kittens? No, that’s not a texture you should be thinking of when you use toilet paper. Eeew. Via World Of Koch.

Active Delight !

I took some pictures of some lovely jewelry my lovely wife made, yesterday. And when I went back today to look at the results, I noticed something odd. There was an unexpected dark halo around the subjects. Nikon D90, 105mm macro I thought hmm… is my fancy macro lens prone to some strange halo distortion […]

30 Second Reviews

10 Ft Ganja Plant – Presents. This is old-school reggae/dub… but it’s not Bob Marley – your aunt won’t be singing along while she sips her margarita. This is mostly instrumental, and where there are lyrics, they’re often incidental and buried in the mix. This is late night, get a buzz on music (as maybe […]

Build me a dinosaur!

Watch as a very talented 3D modeler builds a CGI dinosaur. Incidentally, I’m considering getting a tattoo of a Dromaeosaurus, probably based on this illustration at the Yahooligans site. I like the style they use for the dinos on that site – check out the Deinonychus and the Scipionyx. The tricky part, I guess, is […]