Diamond Ryan And The Teenage Daughters


An 18-year-old Cheektowaga man was arrested on felony criminal mischief charges, after being accused of repeated attempts at ‘break dancing.’

Ryan Baczkiewicz was arrested as result of approximately $3,000 in damage to the hardwood floors at a home in Elma.

The damage was caused when the suspect arrived at a house party held by the owner of the home’s daughters, in an intoxicated condition.

He is accused of making repeated attempts at ‘break dancing,’ while wearing a large diamond buckle, causing extensive gouging damage to hardwood floors.

But, there might be more to the story:

Parents claim one teen’s breakdancing moves cut up their floor, but now other teens are coming forward, calling a recent house party nothing but a wild, underage booze-fest.

Friends of Ryan Baczkiewicz say he is being made a scapegoat for alleged damage to a house in Elma. A house, they say, where two underaged daughters hosted a drinking party while their parents were out of town.

Ryan Baczkiewicz’ friends said they didn’t see him breakdancing at the home of Brittany and Ashley Kruse in Elma where he is accused of felony criminal mischief, allegedly gauging a wood floor while breakdancing with a sharp belt buckle. But Ryan’s friend Dan Woronoski told News 4 he did see Brittany and Ashley engaging in some heavy drinking with two other girls and as many as fifteen to twenty boys he said they had over the house on Valentine’s Day.

“They were a mess actually. They were everywhere, all over the house, they were dancing around, ya know, drinkin’. From my aspect, they were pretty drunk,” said Dan.

Will the shocking scandal exonerate the b-boy vandal ? Who knows!?

I probably won’t remember to check back.