1 thought on “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

  1. sapient

    Not going to opine on whether that’s good music. I didn’t really like the Carpenters when they were popular. After Karen Carpenter’s death, I reevaluated, and definitely give her some credit.

    To me, it’s interesting because Karen Carpenter was a victim of anorexia, and that was a problem that (briefly) I had, and a lot of my friends had. In my case, it wasn’t fatal (as it was in her case) but the lifelong “am I healthy enough?” versus “am I skinny enough?” is kind of still there.

    Is it too soon to evaluate The Carpenters?

    I’m sure that Karen Carpenter was a wonderful musician. Sad for me (and many others, probs) that we can’t really get past the sad story.


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