4 thoughts on “Everything hits at once

  1. Girl from the North Country

    cleek, not exactly on topic, but this was the most recent music post, and I wanted you to know about this, because if you don’t already I think it will be right up your street.

    I’m watching a program on Sky Arts called Soundbreaking, which is part of a series. I taped the first one but haven’t watched it yet, but the second one which I am watching now is about the production of various albums, with wonderful talking heads (George Martin talking about the Beatles, his son now talking more specifically about some of the effects/tracks, Rick Rubin talking, Brian Eno talking, Don Was talking, the various musicians talking). In some ways it is less satisfying than Classic Albums, because it has already examined tracks from Rubber Soul, Sergeant Pepper, Pet Sounds, Dark Side of the Moon, and is still moving. But if you haven’t seen it, I do think it is the sort of thing you might find interesting.


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