Let’s listen to Robert Fripp and the League Of Crafty Guitarists!

I love the guy in front who doesn’t play at all. He just sits there.

Best YouTube comments:

  • “Everyone who has ever wanted to listen to that song is already in the room playing it. 100% market penetration.”
  • “This is the national anthem from some dystopian apocalyptic future society.”
  • “So this is what happens when you don’t hug children”
  • “a whole group of “that guy at work nobody likes” playing discordant polyrythms. great”
  • “The way they glance at each other with knowing rhythmic eroticism and a wry smile is magical. “Ooh Yau!” ”
  • “I woke one night and saw them floating outside my bedroom window!”
  • “Music to accompany the thoughts of a spider …”
  • “this is what happens when you don’t do drugs”

I kinda dig it, in small doses.

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