Though 5G technology and the coronavirus have absolutely nothing to do with one another, that hasn't stopped conspiracy theorists around the world from falsely linking the two.

One of these debunked theories is that the recently rolled out COVID-19 vaccines contain microchips with 5G technology, designed supposedly to track our every movement. To that end, what was promoted as a leaked photo of the top-secret schematic of this microchip recently began going viral.

Of course though, the schematic in question doesn't actually display a top-secret 5G chip. In fact, what it shows is the reworked circuit of a Boss Metal Zone distortion pedal.

1 thought on “Beware The 5G COVID METAL ZONE!

  1. nooneithinkisinmytree

    Well, considering that DISTORTION is the functional point of the Boss pedal, at least the perpetrators of this hoax are NOT hypocrites,

    I’ll have to go back and examine the squiggly-lined small print schematic of Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan in the 1990’s that liar Phil Gramm passed around.

    It had distortion on both the high end and the low end and a clean sound was not to be had, especially when run through the conservative movement wurlitzer.

    Fantastic find, cleek.

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