Fuck Q

Raleigh, N.C. — A pair of left-leaning activist groups said Friday that they uncovered a infiltration effort from a man with apparent ties to a Georgia congressional candidate backing a widely debunked conspiracy theory.

Common Cause North Carolina and Democracy North Carolina, two well established government watchdog groups, said a man calling himself “James Fortune” and a number of other out-of-state operatives posed as donors and volunteers, apparently in an attempted sting operation targeting left-leaning groups.

Common Cause, Democracy NC and two other groups – Advance Carolina and Fortaleza – were targeted, The News & Observer reported. They were approached about donations and volunteer efforts, but when they checked the source of those donations – a Georgia company called Blue Sky Med Labs LLC – things didn’t add up, the newspaper said.

Incorporation papers for the company had been filed only a few days before Fortune showed up in North Carolina, and they listed a political consultant “whose many hats include serving as the registered agent for a political organization of a U.S. House candidate who supports the QAnon movement,” the newspaper reported.

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