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It’s been over a year since the last time I did one of these? Really?

Quasimoto – The Unseen. Quasimoto is a collaboration between hip-hop producer Madlib and his alter ego Lord Quas. It’s got a strong stoner vibe, heavy on odd/kitschy spoken-word samples, smart and funny lyrics and smooth jazzy beats. It’s not far from Madlib’s other project, MF-Doom, which I’ve liked for a while. So, this was a nice discovery.

Quasimoto - Jazz Cats Pt. 1

DJ Spooky – Songs Of A Dead Dreamer. Spacey, old-school record-spinning stoner hip-hop with lots of fun samples and occasional guest rappers. This and Quasimoto turned up on a few of the best-of lists I found when I was searching for ‘alternative’ hip-hop / turntablists.

DJ Spooky- 04 Galactic Funk (Tau Ceti Mix)

Fiona Apple – Fetch The Bolt Cutters. I’m finding this much tougher to get into than her previous stuff. I think I need to sit down and really listen, because it’s just not grabbing me. It’s dense. There’s a lot of repetition in the songs, almost mechanical. And when it’s not repeating, it’s taking hard, sharp turns and big leaps. So, a very up-to-date record. But, everything else she’s done I’ve liked, so I’m going to give this some more time.

Fiona Apple - Shameika (Audio)

Tame Impala – The Slow Rush. Much clubbier than their [his] past records with big beats and thick, lush production. But it’s still got that classic Tame Impala retro psychedelic thing. Good stuff.

Tame Impala - Let It Happen (Official Video)

The Daisy Age – Various. This is a compilation of tunes hip-hop groups from the early 90s, most of whom formed a collective called Native Tongues. It was originally centered around NYC groups like the Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, etc.. But it eventually included groups from other places, including the UK. They pioneered a jazz-centered, upbeat, playful and positive (and sometimes silly) hip-hop that contrasted strongly with the macho and often violent west-coast ‘gangsta’ rap. The style didn’t last much beyond the mid 90s, but it’s the one that grabbed me.

Seinfeld’s latest stand-up show has a joke about how a man’s casual fashion choices stop keeping up with the times the day he gets married. I got married in 1996.

De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays


6 thoughts on “Listening To…

  1. Rob C

    Mmmm. Well I wish the Spotify app would show me a list of everything I’ve listened to this to since lockdown. I think the desktop web site can. But the news is I have turned into a millennial and have mainly been listening to individual songs and not albums. Gasp! I know.

    It’s Spotify’s fault for there pretty decent sets of personalised playlists. I have 6 Daily Mix variants and they’re all pretty good. The power of Big Data.

    But album wise, let’s think.

    – The last two Bowie albums. I miss him so very much.
    – Parallel Lines. Debbie Harry is 75 now!
    – Lane del Rey, Norman Fucking Rockwell. It’s a fantastic record.
    – The Smith’s, Queen is Dead and Meat is Murder

    1. cleek Post author

      i recognize that. but i probably haven’t heard it since the 70s. sounds somehow recent?

      i like that farty bass:!


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