Islam's Gonna Blow Up Nashville!

We are under conviction to not only tell you but to provide evidence that on July 18, 2020, Islam is going to detonate a nuclear device in Nashville, Tennessee. Our problem with trying to warn you of this event is that it requires information on a handful of subjects that you may or may not have any inclination to consider.


The subjects all have a relation to Bible prophecy and all of the are interconnected. The United State of America is one theme which is prophetically the sixth kingdom of Bible prophesy yet different from the kingdoms of world history. Another subject is the kingdom succeeding the USA, the seventh kingdom of Bible prophecy, which is the United Nations.


Bible prophecy specifies that Donald Trump is the final president of the USA. President Trump has been typified by many biblical leaders and is marked in God's Word ... the intensity of division that is taking place between liberal and conservative Americans is manifested daily in the news.

The paper is not happy about itself. So sad.

The Tennessean is investigating how a paid advertisement from a fringe religious group was published on Sunday in violation of the newspaper’s long-established standards.

The ad featured a bizarre, pseudo-religious “prophecy,” including the declaration of an impending nuclear attack in Nashville by “Islam.”

The ad was immediately ordered to be pulled from future editions by sales executives and the investigation launched. A similar ad, one that did not mention Islam but also contained an end-times prophecy, published in the newspaper on June 17.

The newspaper’s advertising standards clearly forbid hate speech. Advertisements that do not meet the paper’s standards are routinely rejected for publication.

Seems like maybe it's not so routine?

3 thoughts on “Islam's Gonna Blow Up Nashville!

  1. russell

    what’s with the Pope? is he one of the good guys or one of the bad guys here?

    is the Vatican moving the Nashville?

  2. joel hanes

    How? Under cover of religion, which gets a bye in the US, particularly in the Bible Belt.

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