Mask Note

The mantra about the mask is "It doesn't protect you from other people, it protects them from you!" Mask wearing is supposed to be altruistic rather than preventative.

People take this to mean they don't need to wear a mask if they don't feel sick. Yet you can have C19 and not know it for days, or you might never know it. So, people won't be wearing masks when they need them because they don't know they need them.

So, the mantra should be: masks stop transmission.

Don't make mask wearing conditional on the health of the wearer. Don't make it altruistic. Just require it.

3 thoughts on “Mask Note

  1. wj

    And it appears that masks also have some benefit for protecting the wearer as well. Far from 100% effective, of course. But well above zero impact.

  2. John Thullen

    Nebraska’s Republican Governor is threatening to deny federal Covid-19 funds to counties and cities in his state which mandate mask-wearing in public.

    President Biden should order Homeland Security and the FBI on Inauguration Day next January to arrest and detain all Republican Party officials in the country, including those in the outgoing republican junta, if they leave the White House, and charge them with committing bioterrorism against their captive populations of American citizens during this pandemic.

    The Republican Party is a depraved mass murderer.

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