2 thoughts on “Sadly, there are many of them

  1. Jewish Steel

    We had our own counter protesters here in the heart of corn-ness.

    Smoke bomb dude:


    I’ll run my motorcycle through the protest dude:


    I wish I could peer into their minds and figure out what they thought was going to happen. What was the endgame here? Do they do it to impress their similarly radicalized online pals? Do they think that onlookers will burst into spontaneous applause? Hannity will pin a medal to their chest while Trump looks on approvingly? What could possibly happen other than their personal ruination?

    I would also like to know if, in retrospect, their fates now seem inevitable to them. Or if they persist that it might have played out differently.

    1. cleek Post author

      everybody wants to lead the charge against the antifa commie muslim gay agenda!

      his compadres have failed him by not charging behind him.



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