It’s Over!

Went to get a pizza last night.

Our little downtown was as busy as it was in the Before Time. Also, absolutely nobody was wearing a mask, except me. Nobody in the pizza place. Not the woman ahead of me, wearing scrubs. Nobody waiting outside the other restaurants. Nobody inside in the restaurants (that I could see). Nobody outside the gas stations, the beer shop or any of our 85 auto parts stores.

I suspect there will be a reckoning in June.

5 thoughts on “It’s Over!

  1. Girl from the North Country

    Living up to my rep as Ms Bad Thread Discipline 2020.

    cleek, I don’t know if you followed Nigel’s link to Killer Mike’s magnificent speech in Atlanta, where (as I have just said at the other place) he makes some of the same points you were making. If not, and if you’re interested, here it is.

  2. Girl from the North Country

    Yes, but speeches like that have a resonance. They leave something in the air that sometimes, instead of dying away, gets louder. We can hope….

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