Wait. What?

As the Defense Department negotiates its way through the coronavirus pandemic and its fallout, military entrance processing stations are working with new guidance when it comes to bringing COVID-19 survivors into the services.

A past COVID-19 diagnosis is a no-go for processing, according to a recently released MEPCOM memo circulating on Twitter.

“During the medical history interview or examination, a history of COVID-19, confirmed by either a laboratory test or a clinician diagnosis, is permanently disqualifying …” the memo reads.

Does the military know something we don’t?

2 thoughts on “Wait. What?

  1. John Thullen

    So I guess this means all of the sailors on the aircraft carrier, and the Naval adjutant assigned to be Trump’s fellatio giver are permanently out of jobs?

    I wonder if the Chinese are being as foolish to hollow out their military in such a way?

    Blacks are being hit harder by this virus. Yet more reason to ruin their effing lives.

    Republican churches and businesses will follow suit with this.

    Too much of this virus’ damage is being used to further every trend in every area to enact the nationalist conservative program’s ideology for this to be happenstance. That tells me the Trump American Deep State, before they mysteriously removed US funding from the Wuhan biological lab in 2018, turned one or more Chinese nationals in the lab and paid them to release the virus, knowing it would be a worldwide pandemic and would enable trump’ s entire program for shutting down the world’s trading system to reinstate total American economic and nuclear hegemony.

    Hmm, sounds like a totally untrue conspiracy theory.

    What, did we think truth would defeat this malignant Republican Evil.

  2. joel hanes

    The military doesn’t know something important we all don’t know, to wit: to what extent do those recovered from COVD-19 remain infectious, and for how long, and through what mechanisms?

    China’s data seems to imply that acquired immunity is a pretty good thing,

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