The Irishman

I haven't seen it. The reviews don't make it sound like something I need to bother with.

But Ken Levine's review brings up a good point:

And then there’s my own, I acknowledge, personal issue with the film. Every main character in THE IRISHMAN is despicable. Tony Soprano without the therapy. And the only reason we give a scintilla of a shit about them is because wonderful actors are playing them.

So what happens in fifty years? Might there be a movie about Trump and his treasonous inner circle of gangsters? Will audiences have sympathy for Donald Trump and Stephen Miller and Rudy Giuliani if our national treasure actors-of-the-day portray them? Will future movie-goers (and who knows where they go in 2070?) be fooled into finding these monsters “fascinating?” The real people are fooling millions, imagine what good actors can do. So for that reason I had a harder time caring for one second about any of the thugs in THE IRISHMAN.

That certainly puts a twist on the Villian Protagonist trope.

6 thoughts on “The Irishman

  1. John D Thullen

    “The Irishman” was a bit slow and ponderous, sure, but I enjoyed watched DeNiro, Pacino, and Pesci (I love that he is the calm reasonable reptile is this outing) chew the Scorcese scenery together, and probably for the last time as utterly irredeemable but purely American characters in their “it’s just business” ruthlessness.

    As to a film about the out current very real crew of killers wrecking the country, why wait 70 years.
    Quentin Tarentino should get on the stick right now give us his mist savage vengeance film yet. He could scene this scene for the ending and change nothing but getting rid of the German subtitles:

  2. Rob Caldecott

    I enjoyed it but only found time to watch all 3.5 hours in one sitting because I had a day off sick. I admit to being totally ignorant of the whole Jimmy Hoffa story so I found that aspect quite fascinating.

    But yes, all the main characters are frankly despicable human beings.

    Joe Pesci was the highlight for me. But it almost feels like the end of an era given the age of the cast. For that alone I’d recommend it… if you can find the time.

  3. Girl from the North Country

    I hope it doesn’t fulfil your worst expectations! Do report back, if you can bear to.

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