Internal Cacophony

As I’m typing this, I’m carrying on a conversation with an imaginary reader, and trying to make sure my words here are getting my point across to him (this reader person sounds a lot like me). And I’m having that conversation with words -- only some of which end up here. And all the while, an LCD Soundsystem song is absolutely blaring in the background -- of my thoughts. It’s silent in my office.

I’ve always assumed that was how everybody went through their days.


My day was completely ruined yesterday when I stumbled upon a fun fact that absolutely obliterated my mind. I saw this tweet yesterday that said that not everyone has an internal monologue in their head. All my life, I could hear my voice in my head and speak in full sentences as if I was talking out loud. I thought everyone experienced this, so I did not believe that it could be true at that time.

Literally the first person I asked was a classmate of mine who said that she can not “hear” her voice in her mind. I asked her if she could have a conversation with herself in her head and she looked at me funny like I was the weird one in this situation. So I began to become more intrigued. Most people I asked said that they have this internal monologue that is running rampant throughout the day. However, every once in a while, someone would say that they don’t experience this.

LCD Soundsystem - "All My Friends"

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