These impeachment witnesses have been uniformly awesome – at least all I’ve seen (I missed the tall guy). Not only because they’re crushing Trump, but also because they all seem like total professionals who are really good at their jobs. It’s nice to know there are good and competent people in the government. If this is the deep state, I’m all for it.

Imagine if our President had half the dignity any of them has?

And imagine being any of them and knowing the loony cartoon buffoon and his opportunist goon platoon are at the controls.

I’d jump at the chance to spill the beans.

1 thought on “Professionalism

  1. wjca

    What I found notable was that even the two witnesses called at the request of the Republican members (i.e. the defense witnesses) were quite damning. Apparently there is no evidence available, other than Mr Nunes’ conspiracy theories, in President Trump’s favor.

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