I think the reason Nunes takes every opportunity to sound as assholeish and bitter as he can is to get people like me to stop listening to the hearings.

It works!

Every time he starts talking, I find something else to do.

4 thoughts on “Strategy

  1. John D. Thullen


    Every time I read whatever it is that foams at Nunes’ rabid mouth, I come over here to learn what cleek might have to say about it, because listening to it is not my job.

    1. cleek Post author

      I just can’t listen. It’s the same thing with Trump: the idea that people would choose someone that dumb and odious to represent them just makes my eyes cross and hands clench.

  2. John D Thullen

    Yeah, me neither.

    After all of this, America should take an exceptional vow of STFU eternal silence and spare the rest of the world and any listening life forms in the universe our poisonous bullshit noise.x

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