Coward Complains

Mitch McConnell is gravely concerned about the US withdraw from Syria.

Somehow, he manages to work in three mentions of Obama, two mentions of Democrats, and zero mentions of the guy who is actually responsible for this mess.

I wonder why he’d do something like that?

I bet it’s the same reason Senator Burr (R, NC) coughed up this one, on his Facebook page:

The Kurdish members of the Syrian Democratic Forces have been brave and stalwart partners in the fight against ISIS, and we should never abandon those who have fought beside us. ISIS may be debilitated and its territory dismantled, but the threat is not yet destroyed. Turkey’s actions will only empower our common enemy, further destabilizing the region and undermining hard-won gains. President Erdogan should cease his assault and withdraw Turkish troops from northern Syria immediately.

So weird that shit like this just spontaneously happens. If only we could identify a cause.