Buh Bye Tori

The White House communications director, Tori Symonds, accidentally emailed the White House talking points about the Ukraine call to House Democrats. And then she tried to recall the email.


3 thoughts on “Buh Bye Tori

  1. John D Thullen

    I guess she must have been too busy not holding press gaggles for the 52 percent of her enemies and the “Other “Americans paying her salary and for her gummint healthcare, to pay attention to her numero uno job of supplying her Republican for grabbing by the POTUS of defunct America.

    Back to vacation. JFC.

  2. Girl from the North Country

    That reminds me to tell you that according to some of the younger female stars of Downton Abbey, one of the best bits of doing the recent movie shoot with Maggie Smith was her extreme delight and hysteria at the GIF of a cat saying “Lesbians eat what??!!!”

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