Rimmer and Kneale

cleek and the two go to bed.

The following morning they come to the lake and discover that it is now completely full. The man says: “We must have got something wrong after so long”. He goes away, and Kneale and Rimmer return to the bridge. On the bridge there is a small hut where the two watch a small boy playing. Rimmer and Kneale decide to investigate further, and they discover that the boy is a man, but that Kneale is the first of the women to speak to him. The others follow and hear Kneale asking the boy for her hand. He accepts her hand and the three have a peaceful meal together.

They are then taken somewhere by Rimmer. It is a strange place. There is a strange fountain of crystal (or rather, the water at the fountain is crystal) where they see the image of the man who made the bridge. After seeing it Kneale decides to get back and asks Rimmer and Kneale to stay back. They return to the bridge where Rimmer sees a woman approaching Kneale and asks her if she wants to sleep with him. He says yes, though…

Source: Talk to Transformer

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  1. Mark Low

    I looooooooooove this website!

    I often put in the first two sentences of an random album’s wikipedia article. Here’s a gem:

    Summerteeth (stylized as summerteeth) is the third studio album by the American alternative rock band Wilco, released on March 9, 1999 by Reprise Records. The album was heavily influenced lyrically by 20th century literature, as well as singer Jeff Tweedy’s marital problems. The album became a hit for the bands’ fans, who went on to record numerous singles by the name of “Summerteeth”, which became known as “Summer’s Head” by fans and “Summer’s Guts” by musicians on social media.

    The album features the return of the band’s two original members Jeff Tweedy, in addition to drummer John Lajoie, bassist Kevin Cawley, and drummer/vocalist Jeff Tweedy Jr. The album was written and recorded in Los Angeles by the band’s two previous members, along with keyboardist Nick Wilco. The band’s sixth studio album, “Unplugged”, followed shortly after the release of the Summerteeth single “Summerwood”.

    1. cleek Post author

      That’s awesome – and nearly believable as a real review (if I didn’t know anything about Summerteeth and Wilco already).
      “Nick Wilco”!

  2. cleek Post author

    It rubs the lotion in on his head

    And he walks home.

    He puts a shirt on, and rubs his face,

    And goes to sleep.

    And one day we see him standing over the lake,

    And we say, “Man, I wish I were dead.”

    And he laughs, “Oh, my dear dear.

    I didn’t mean to go.”

  3. cleek Post author

    Jet, I can almost remember their funny faces and their jovial words—the ones they would repeat over and over—that I remember with absolute clarity.

    That’s how I learned that we are not alone.

    And that, Mr. Speaker, is our mission today.

    Thank you.

  4. cleek Post author

    I am the very model of a woman.”

    I am a very bad model.

    And now they’ve come for me.

    They want to find that out.

    They will take that and tell the world … what a terrible girl she was.

    They will tell the world that I am the very model of a girl.

    I had to take that out because that makes me feel vulnerable.

    So now they have taken that out of me and they are going to tell people that I am a terrible girl.

    And now they can say.

    “When she was with other boys, she didn’t do badly. She was a good girl.

    When she was with other girls, she did badly. She was an abnormal, out of place girl.”

    They can also say, “Oh, I don’t like that girl. She was not part of the normal world.”

    I am the very model of a girl.

    When they say, “She was a terrible girl,” I can’t sit there and be a liar

  5. Mark Low

    Neu! is the debut album by German krautrock band Neu!. It was recorded in December 1971 at Windrose-Dumont-Time Studios, Hamburg, Germany, mixed at Star-Musik Studio, Hamburg, Germany, and released in 1972 by Brain Records. The LP was mastered at Sun Records. Neu! began performing live in 1974 and made three additional albums between 1975 and 1977, a few of which were co-produced by Paul McCartney (with producer Richard Deamer), while Neu! toured extensively. The group also released a few single and EPs, Neu! Live On The Beach , Neu! Live On Earth , Neu! Live On The Nightside , Neu! Touring With the Eurythmics : The Bitter End . In 1981 Neu! began recording a second album which resulted in Live In Hamburg, a two-disc LP released in 1984. The new version of Live In Hamburg featured new songs and a more relaxed feel.

  6. Mark Low

    Spiceworld is the second studio album by English girl group the Spice Girls. It was released on 1 November 1997 by Virgin Records. The album became a commercial success worldwide, lengthening the so-called “Spicemania” of the time.

    The album was released in the UK, as well as the U.S. A number of songs featuring Spice Girls’ female vocalists, including Sinead O’Connor, Lauren Mayberry, and Jessica Simpson, were featured on the album. Also included was a track featuring Spice Girl’s drummer, who, at the time of the album’s release, was unknown to the public. The song was called “Boys Like You.”

    The album was released around the same time as the Spice Girls’ 1996 collaboration single, “Losing My Virginity,” which consisted of the Spice Girls speaking the lines, “You’re the greatest! Your body’s beautiful!” and “Your face’s beautiful!”

    This album was praised by The Guardian as a “sensational and exhilarating album”.

    1. cleek Post author

      Those are both totally believable.

      I have an idea…

      Alas, it’s not easy to create a new Wiki page. My fake Canadian band, Trident, was about to get its own page.

      The Canadian band, Trident, released an album in 2012 and a video in 2015 in support of a $13.25 million US lawsuit brought against them by a man who claimed he suffered mental health problems because of excessive drinking by the band members.

      Dylan, 42, who has a history of mental health problems, has not been known to drink.

      On his YouTube channel, the Grammy-nominated singer said that his record label, EMI, is aware of his problems and is working with him. He added that he was aware that he and his bandmates are “not perfect people and that a lot of people do not like us.” He also said that people want to “put their labels ahead of my health.”

      Last year, the singer said he had “really good times”.

      “We’ve been getting a lot of support from fans and good reviews at the time,” he wrote on Twitter. “We’re going back to work next week!”

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