US markets will go ‘haywire’ if Trump loses 2020 election!!

Stock markets in the U.S. will face major pains if President Donald Trump fails to win a second term in the White House, widely followed investor Mark Mobius predicts.

Holy crap! Eek!

Surely this prediction is supported by data? Surely you can just tell by looking at a chart of daily Dow Jones closing values and see a clear difference between the Trump era of awesomeness and the Obama era of failure?

Not seeing it.

Guess that’s why I’m not a money manager.

5 thoughts on “US markets will go ‘haywire’ if Trump loses 2020 election!!

  1. joel hanes

    Mr. Mobius’s actual message, decoded :

    “If Trump loses, I will be really angry, and so, of course, everyone else with money to invest will be really angry too, and we’ll make those stupid voters regret that they didn’t vote the way we wanted. And I mean it.”

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